Insurance agents must take advantage of all outlets when conducting online business. Just like any other business, insurance sales depend on marketing and promotion. Some of the best marketing in recent years has occurred on social media.

There are four important reasons why insurance agents should use social media to conduct their business.

1. The business page

Social media offers a special place to conduct business. This is exactly what an insurance agent needs. A business page is very easy to create and a tremendous amount of useful information may be featured on this “sales floor.”

If customers need basic information, they only have to check the agent’s page. All updates on special rates can be placed here for the public to view, along with updates and promotions. Most social sites also offer an additional option to advertise on your page, for a small fee.

2. SEO practices in social media

Another reason to use social media is the promotional tactics. The insurance agent can take an active role in SEO practices that will help to bring customers to the company’s main website.

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for succeeding in the digital universe, and can get substantial results. Insurance agents with SEO experience can utilize social media for this potentially lucrative purpose.

3. Keeping information fresh

Social media offers the outlet of posting timely updates about the insurance company’s deals and changes. As with any other company, the insurance agent will want to represent the business as an active entity.

This means that updates should be made on a regular basis or interest in the company will wane. Although the agent is providing service instead of product, the same rules apply. Interest is considerably lower when the date on a post is from several months previous.

Sometimes, an outdated post can be quite misleading. This can cause confusion and even negative reactions about the company and their loyalty to the customer.

4. Social media is personal

Using social media allows you, the insurance agent, to build a relationship with each customer. The personal touch is one of the main things that makes a customer want to remain with a company. The more you relate to the customer on this level, the more likely he or she is to talk about the business in a personal manner and bring other people to do business with you.

Insurance agents should really look into using social media. This avenue is just the extra pull that will help insurance companies to gain profits and reputation. Without social media, a whole area of potential business success remains unexplored.

Written by Drew Hendricks