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To his fans, Donald Trump can do no wrong. To discerning voters who look at policies, history, and realities that go beyond showmanship and a sales pitch, it’ll take more than ambitious claims and unhinged attacks to demonstrate his worthiness of being made the most powerful person on the planet. We need to know that he’s going to deliver on what he promises.

There are three questions that come to mind that Trump needs to answer before earning the nomination.

Will He Practice the Ethics and Values that America Needs?

Seven years of President Obama in the White House has done something to the country. It isn’t just his policies and executive orders that have hurt. He’s established an immoral and unethical atmosphere that pervades disgustingly across many circles in the country. Whether you believe he’s a Christian or a not, his actions and words have promoted secularism in ways that have never been seen in the history of the United States.

America’s next President must operate with the kinds of ethics and values that citizens will want to emulate. Like it or not, the President is the beacon towards which the moral compass of America points.

Is He Going to Stick to His Current Republican Leanings?

It’s no secret that Trump has flip-flopped from being a Democrat to Republican and back again over the decades. What has gone unnoticed by most is that in the few months of his Presidential campaign, some of his views have shifted to the left. It hasn’t been alarming; he’s actually been more consistent since announcing his run for President than he’s ever been in his life. However, most conservatives are realizing that he’s only conservative on immigration and even moderates are starting to wonder if he’s actually a Republican.

To be fair, his current leanings seem to be Republican, albeit moderate. His tax plan is a progressive one but still represents a cut. Some of his more liberal views such as supporting affirmative action or defending entitlements aren’t GOP sticking points. Will he stay true to his current path or will he have another of his many political “evolutions” that seem to pop up every couple of years?

Does He Have the Knowledge Required of a Commander-in-Chief?

The last time we had a President with as limited knowledge of foreign affairs and national defense was Jimmy Carter. A President doesn’t need to be a former general to make good decisions, but it was conspicuous when he was asked twice in two months by Hugh Hewitt about the nuclear triad and both times he seemed oblivious to the term. Moreover, his four deferments and mysterious medical exemption that let him avoid the draft during the Vietnam War are conspicuous. Active duty military and veterans have had a hard time respecting a Commander-in-Chief that avoided military service; President George W. Bush took flack for “only” being in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. How will they take to Trump?

Trump is getting a large chunk of support nationwide from Republicans. A lot of this can be attributed to a large field of candidates. When the field narrows, he’ll need to be able to answer these types of questions. How will he perform?

Here’s a video that depicts parts of his policy and history that need to be addressed:

3 Questions Donald Trump Must Answer to Prove He'd Make a Grea…

Many Republican voters believe that Donald Trump has what it takes to be a great President. Others are skeptical. What are his ethics and values? Will he be the best Commander-in-Chief? Is he actually a Republican? If he can answer these questions well, he should be able to breeze to the nomination and the White House. If he cannot, he may have problems.

Posted by Social News Watch on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.