Beer lovers rejoice! Mobile technology makes it easier for us to track happy hours, find delicious brews, and share our favorite drinks with others.

According to the 2013 Beer Almanac published by the nonprofit Beer Institute, there are about 2,751 active brewers in the U.S. That’s a lot of domestic beer to try out, never mind the rich variety of foreign brews. Popular smartphone apps allow you to look up both mainstream and obscure beers with relative ease, so you can learn about their flavor notes and mouth feel.

You can see detailed user feedback and individual beer rankings. Beer apps also let you track your weekly alcohol consumption, so you can cut down on calories and live a healthier lifestyle. Here are three great apps for beer lovers.

1. Pintley

What’s better than free beer tastings? If you’re a Pintley user, the app collects information about your tastes and sends you invitations to complimentary beer tastings in your area. The app serves as an enormous database of beers.

If you come across an unfamiliar bottle or draft brew, you can just run a search using Pintley. Once you locate a beer in the database, you can view user-generated taste notes, ratings, and descriptions. You can use the Beer Finder feature to locate pubs and stores that sell that particular beer you’ve been craving.

As you log your favorite beers, you will earn Pintley achievement points to compete with others in the community. Some breweries have Pintley events and partnerships, so you can earn large numbers of points by trying certain beers and attending events.

Pintley users can also participate in a vibrant message board community, which covers topics such as beer festivals, home brewing techniques, and travel drinking.

2. Gratafy

It can be an awkward situation when you’re unable to make it to a celebration with friends and family members. Gratafy allows you to give someone a gift remotely on the day of his or her special event.

If your friend is celebrating a birthday at a particular pub or restaurant, you can still buy him or her a drink with Gratafy — without even being there! Just launch the app, choose a venue, and then look at their visual menu.

Select the drink you wish to purchase, along with the quantity. Yes, you can buy your friends entire rounds from your phone! Once you have paid, Gratafy will send a notification to the gift recipient. That person can place the order like normal and show the server the Gratafy gift confirmation.

If you order a friend or family member drinks through Gratafy, be sure to remind them to take a valid I.D. They may still be carded by the venue before receiving their gift.

3. Beer Stat

It’s easy to love beers. They come in such a wonderful variety of porters, IPAs, stouts, ales, and lagers. However, it is possible to get carried away with drinking, and alcoholism becomes a threat to the health of drinkers who indulge too much.

Beer Stat helps you take a proactive role in monitoring your alcohol intake. You can browse bottles and drafts by brand and record the volume of beer you drink each day. Beer Stat users can see handy statistics about their drinking trends, and back off when they’ve had too much to drink.

You can also view how many calories your beer diet contributes to your daily intake, which allows you to make adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you drink at home or in fancy gastropubs, beer apps can make your sipping experience much more pleasurable. These free software solutions can easily be installed on smartphones, thereby allowing you to track your drinks no matter where you’re located.

Keep a beer log using the app mentioned above, and soon you’ll be a brew aficionado!

Written by Drew Hendricks