Monthly Archives: March 2012

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Would You Turn to the Crowd?

Lately, there had been increasing number of organizations and even governments have recognized the power of crowds and are utilizing crowdsourcing for everything from design, marketing, administration, innovation to marketing research and raising money.

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Pinterest Pricing Fail

One of the interesting components of Pinterest is that it allows people to put prices in their posts. By putting a dollar sign in front of a number, the pin automatically pulls the price and puts it as a corner banner over the image.

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Confessions of a Social Media Girl

Last week I found myself sitting in the vinyl cutting chair of my favorite stylist, surrounded by men and women of varying ages, slightly high from the fumes of hairspray, and sweating from the heat emitting from the stationary dyers. The group around me seemed

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Pinterest and Its Copyright Issues

Pinterest has been notoriously slow to address copyright issues. Because the “Pin It” button works on any website that has not opted out of Pinterest, users can grab images from almost anywhere on the internet, regardless of copyright issues. This affects artists the most because

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AMEX and Twitter Join Forces – For You!

Ready for some social media awesomeness? American Express has created a new promotion where you sync your AMEX card with your Twitter account.  When you tweet using customized hashtags (that’s the text that follows the # sign, such as #soshable) you’ll get a discount/coupon off of

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The Pinterest Effect

I’ve noticed something in my thinking after spending some time on Pinterest the last few months. It’s subtle, but “The Pinterest Effect” is starting to get to me.