Your Business’ Social Media Reflection

Social Media Reflection

Social networking began as a confusing mess for many growing companies. Since then, teams of web developers, internet service providers and engineers have simplified the experience through web apps, smart phone applications and user-friendly APIs.

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Does Social Media = Market Research?

Social Media Market Research

Since the days of the Myspace era, and now to the era of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, people have been sharing very valuable information that most companies would pay for. People share the products they enjoy, the ones they don’t, the colors they prefer, the items they buy, and the services that that they enjoy or even detest.

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Does a Yelp IPO Change Anything for Yelp Users or Businesses?

Yelp IPO

The rumors surrounding online review service Yelp going public have been circulating for a couple of years now. Well, the San Francisco-based company finally decided to put an end to all the speculation because it recently filed its IPO papers with the SEC in an effort to raise $100 million. According to reports, it is hoping to start the year of 2012 off as a publicly traded company.

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