Portable Power: The Progress of Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence

In early 2008, just under 20 percent of companies were delivering business intelligence data to mobile devices, but nearly 80 percent had a keen interest in doing so.

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When in Doubt, Blame Twitter

Blame Twitter

How can something so harmless in sound and form be so devastatingly bad for our world. Despite the cute little bird mascots and harmless-sounding name, Twitter can actually be tracked back to be the cause of nearly everything that is going wrong in the world.


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Your Business’ Social Media Reflection

Social Media Reflection

Social networking began as a confusing mess for many growing companies. Since then, teams of web developers, internet service providers and engineers have simplified the experience through web apps, smart phone applications and user-friendly APIs.

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Why Social Media is a Force For Good

Social Media for Good

It may seem fairly obvious that the Internet is an incredible innovation that has changed the world. What other tool allows you to access every newspaper in print, find a phone number, and share a spreadsheet database with your entire company all in the course of an hour, without leaving your chair?

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Does Social Media = Market Research?

Social Media Market Research

Since the days of the Myspace era, and now to the era of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, people have been sharing very valuable information that most companies would pay for. People share the products they enjoy, the ones they don’t, the colors they prefer, the items they buy, and the services that that they enjoy or even detest.

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Does a Yelp IPO Change Anything for Yelp Users or Businesses?

Yelp IPO

The rumors surrounding online review service Yelp going public have been circulating for a couple of years now. Well, the San Francisco-based company finally decided to put an end to all the speculation because it recently filed its IPO papers with the SEC in an effort to raise $100 million. According to reports, it is hoping to start the year of 2012 off as a publicly traded company.

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Frugalo: Taming the Daily Deals Monster


There are more daily deals sites out there than you could even count. Despite IRL record crowds in stores on Black Friday, online purchases set records, too. If there’s a brick-and-mortar retailer that doesn’t send out emails with flash sales, they probably aren’t going to be around for much longer.

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StumbleUpon’s Changes: Epic

StumbleUpon Changes

It’s a rare thing. Normally, when a social media site makes major changes, users hate the changes. That’s actually universal – it would be hard to find a site that made major changes that wasn’t met with anything other than absolute disdain from the users.

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