Faith Can Go Viral

Faith Going Viral

The story of Ben Breedlove is sweeping the internet. It has achieved full “viral” status by reaching both the social media and mainstream media audience. Just as Susan Boyle did with her voice and Chuck Testa did with his humor, Ben Breedlove’s story went from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to mainstream media through television.

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Step Away from the Social Media: The Top 10 Social Media eBooks of 2011

Social Media eBooks

I know, it’s hard to tear yourself away from Twitter and Facebook.  It’s probably even harder for your friends and family, who are trying to respond to the many messages you’ve left them.  This holiday season, give them – and yourself – a break with an eBook that will give them a new perspective on their social media lives.

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2011 Social Media Hits and Misses

2011 Social Media

It was a year where a ton (perhaps too much) attention was given to social media. While it’s relatively old in internet years, every day brings more people onto Twitter, Facebook, and apparently even Google+. 2011 proved to have some very excellent uses for social media from amplifying rage in Egypt to major IPOs in the tech industry (met with relatively little success, unfortunately).

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The One Thing GoDaddy can do to Avoid the Coming Mass-Exodus


Early signs of the mass exodus from GoDaddy are already starting to show up and the unofficial Leave GoDaddy Day is still later this week. First, they supported SOPA, the evil bill that would weaken the internet as we know it today. Then, due to a mass uprising by prominent GoDaddy users and attacks coming from prominent social media sites like Reddit, they dropped their support of SOPA and did what they could on Twitter to get the word out.

Everything’s better now, right?


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Facebook Credits: The Gift that Keeps on Taking

Facebook Credits

If you really want to ruin a life, here’s the perfect last minute gift to give to those you hate. In the future, we may see a need to use Facebook credits as a true form of legal tender that can be used for a variety of things, but right now it’s a pretty safe bet that anyone who uses this will be buying virtual goods on various addictive Facebook games like Farmville.

Get them hooked. Make them pay. The Facebook master plan.

Social Media Marketing for Startups

Social Media for Startups

Buzz has always been an important element when trying to launch a startup. The rise of social media from 2005-2008 became a great way for people to get their budding businesses attention. Then, something happened. Social media became TOO big in 2009 and the noise levels started drowning out the potential benefits of the buzz that was getting generated.

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