Why We Need Wuphf


Some of us need Wuphf. With so many ways through which to communicate, it can be challenging to get the right message to the right person without having to go through several different methods. It was part of a joke on an episode of The Office last year, but there’s real merit in the concept.

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LinkedIn Basic and Advanced Training

LinkedIn Training

As social media continues to dominate much of our mindshare and time spent, marketers are finding it to be a useful tool for personal and professional promotions. LinkedIn has been more of an online resume and job/connection-finding service more than a marketing tool over the years but recently its domination in those fields has made it to where the natural progression towards marketing is finally occuring.

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Facebook Users Can Now “Sort” Their Newsfeed

Facebook Sort

There have been many changes on Facebook, especially with the users Newsfeed as of late. As with any change, it is not welcomed initially, but as time goes on so do new status updates. The newsfeed has automatically updated with what has been happening with the users’ friends, as well as almost “pausing” once you leave Facebook. Upon returning, it displays a number of how many stories have occurred since your last sign-in. Facebook  also adding the “ticker” at the right- side of your newsfeed so you can see eve a variety of faster updates of what your friends are chatting about or what activities they are part-taking in.

However, with this change it has almost felt like the user had lost their control over their own newsfeed, as to what they are and are not able to view. Facebook has now enabled a new feature located at the top of the users’ newsfeed. This allows Facebook users to have the ability to “sort” between “highlighted stories” or “most recent” actions on Facebook.

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Did Neil deGrasse Tyson Break Reddit?

Tyson AMA Reddit

In the past, emergency outages at Reddit have been caused by an overload of comments. When astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hit Reddit yesterday with “I am Neil deGrasse Tyson — AMA“, the community responded. During the subsequent slow period on Reddit early this morning, the site went into emergency maintenance mode for over an hour. Coincidence?

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Infographics for SEO

Infographics for SEO

This article originally appeared on GridSix, an internet marketing training company that we support. Check out more helpful training articles there.

For years, link-bait has been the highest level of link-building available. There’s nothing better for increasing rankings than to have a viral piece of content spread throughout the internet, getting posted and reposted across a wide-array of websites, blogs, and social media sites.

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Social Media Specialists in SMBs: to hire or not to hire

Avoid Social Media

This is a Guest Post by Janek Makulec.

Now we all hear really a lot about social media. The thing is that people who don’t have a clue about social media – they hear it too, but they lack a good explanation. This way many business owners get convinced that social media is a very good and cheap marketing method, perhaps even a bit similar to buzz marketing, allowing to be less formal and closer to customers. But I’m not going to write one of those many posts saying that creating a Facebook page is not enough.

I’d like to put it in a bit more radical way and say this: there are many companies that probably should even avoid social media. [Read more…]