What Skills are the Tech Giants Looking For?

Tech Company Skills

Jobs at Google, Facebook and Apple are the most sought-after careers in the Silicon Valley. 1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, but fewer than 1 in 250 applicants will ever work at the company. Knowing what types of skills and expertise these companies are looking for will somehow give you an idea whether you stand a chance to enjoy the perks that these companies provide to its employees.

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SEO Lives (despite recent statements to the contrary)

SEO is Not Dead

If there’s one thing that irks me about internet marketers, it’s that they seem to like to declare that something’s not working, particularly if it becomes harder. Most of the times when I get into a rant session like I’m about to start, I like to link to the “rantee” in question. In this case, the arguments are so poor and the conclusions are so misleading that I won’t even grant it a link.

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How Facebook is Failing Your Business

Facebook Business

Don’t get me wrong: Facebook, as well as other social media sites, do wonders for any business wanting to gain a strong web presence. The site gives your brand loyalists somewhere to go and to feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  it also allows you to reach additional audiences that a traditional marketing campaign would normally not allow you to do.

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Silicon Valley Perks, Visualized

Massages at Work

Some people love their jobs and for good reason.

In Silicon Valley, high-valued tech employees are offered luxuries that would make many believe they live like rock stars. In many cases, they do, or at least they’re treated like rock stars by their employees such as Google, Tagged.com, and Linkedin.

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Data Visualization Makes Knowledge Beautiful, Powerful

Knowledge Beauty Power

One of the first questions that people ask when we discuss our social media services is “why should we use infographics?” As our partners at Column Five Media say, “Data Visualization communicates information to a large audience. Knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful?”

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Facebook Staff Owns More of Facebook Than Zuckerberg (Infographic)

Facebook Owners

There are so many articles that speak of the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and yes, while he did create the site, he is not the only person who owns it. As users, we may not think of Facebook in a business sense, or wonder who claims ownership of Facebook. In fact, it may be a surprise to know that Facebook staff owns more of Facebook than Zuckerberg himself.

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The Role of Social Networking Sites in Promotion of Internet TV

Social Networks TV

Social networks have brought about a revolution in the lives of everyone connected to them and they also have a big hand in the success of internet TV. It has brought people over the internet and connected them to the online TV world. Social networks have proved to be a medium from where people get to know more about internet TV and the vide variety of options that it offers.

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