What If You Had Social Media Sites for Neighbors?

Social Media Neighbors

Every now and then, we like to take a look at the lighter side of social media. There’s enough quirky things out there, and with all of the seriousness surrounding Facebook, Google+, and Digg in a busy news week, why not start Friday off with some offbeat stuff.

For offbeat, we look to the infographics gurus at Column Five Media. They have a knack for taking social media components and manifesting them (theoretically) into real-life situations. If you haven’t seen the happy little trees of social media, you should. It gives insight into this wacky group of Newport Beach studs.

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Facebook Needs to Fail. Unfortunately, It Won’t (and you’ll all still be using it tomorrow).

Facebook Anger

The image within the banner above was humorous. It was the “Top News” selected for me at different times during the day. It was hilarious because different friends were sharing it, so the “Top News From The Last __ Hours” section served as a constant reminder to me that many of those I am friends with on Facebook weren’t taking too kindly to the changes.

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Introducing Friends Activity to Facebook Pages

Facebook Friends Activity

It might seem a tad bit overwhelming with all the recent changes that have occurred on Facebook and there is still more to come. Most recently, Facebook has enabled friends to see other “friend’s activities” on Facebook Pages. This means that people on Facebook can have a clearer view of what is said about pages they have both “liked”, filtering out the noise from other people.

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A Retweet is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Art of the Retweet

Retro-Refresh: This article, which originally appeared in 2009, was “revived” by recent interest. Nothing has been changed other than the addition of the overly-dramatic image above.

Listening to Guy Kawasaki is always a joy. Regardless of whether you agree with what he is saying or not, he is always both thought-provoking and entertaining. The Alltop co-founder is a living legend in the world of social media and startups and is a must-follow on Twitter for budding online marketing professionals.

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Technology, Social Media, and Their Affect on Long-Distance Relationships

Social Media Relationships

Social media often gets blamed for bad things that happen in relationships. We now have the opportunity to find old girlfriends and boyfriends on Facebook, make new relationships on Tagged.com, and see things even have random encounters on, well, sites that we wouldn’t link to from Soshable. There’s another side to the story – social media and advancing technologies can be used to keep relationships going, particularly long-distance ones.

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Digg Newsroom Beta May Just Be Enough To Regain Relevance

Digg Newsrooms

Over the last year since the launch of version 4, Digg has faced challenges in regaining its relevance in social media. Traffic is down. Users are less active. It has seemed at times as if Digg may go the way of MySpace, Propeller, and Yahoo Buzz – social sites that were once big news but failed to adapt to a changing social sphere.

Today, they launched Digg Newsrooms in limited beta. If it’s as successful as they hope, it could mark the shift that the site has needed to get back to the top of the social news game.

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5 Situations in Which You Shouldn’t Create A Facebook Page For Your Online Business

Facebook Business Pages

Setting up a Facebook page for your online business is free and easy, and takes just a few minutes. But it’s not always wise to rush in without having considered a few things beforehand. Just take a look at some newly-created pages of small businesses on Facebook and it will strike you that they all look more or less the same. And that’s not a good thing.

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The Ethics Behind Getting More Twitter Followers

Getting Twitter Followers

Those of you who know our editor JD Rucker might remember that he stopped following Twitter users other than people he knew or wanted to follow over two years ago. After skyrocketing to the top 200 in the world, he simply quit adding and started the long process of removing people that either weren’t active, weren’t interesting, or weren’t real people.

Why? Because he was cheating.

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