How @HybridMom Became a Social Media Superstar and How Your Business Can Follow Suit


Editor’s Note: Hybrid Mom is now Hybrid Her.

As in the previous post regarding Hybrid Mom and their success in Social Media and we decided to dissect it to show you how you can dominate your social media market as well.

Businesses often wonder how not to get lost in the “social media shuffle”, instead seeking to find like-minded people to interact with, especially ones who sincerely want to engage. Many are in search for examples, seeking a business that can lead them to understand what they can improve upon when using Facebook and Twitter.

These two sites can be useful to your company and an amazing example of how to use Social Media correctly is our Spotlight Social Media Superstar, Hybrid Mom.

Hybrid Mom is a website that shares information on a variety of topics such as women, work, parenting, and life. Their site also includes an online store known as the Hybrid Mom Bazaar, where you can purchase family friendly items.

Sounds like many other sites, right — perhaps even your own? So why is it hard for you to get Social Media to work for you?

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Spotlight Social Media Superstars: @HybridMom

Hybrid Mom Social Media

The days of the “male dominated world” in western society are all but over. Women are getting better jobs, enjoying more privileges, and changing the world around us all more than they’ve ever done before. It’s no surprise that they are dominating social media and expressing more than men.

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Social Media is a Reflection of One’s Social Skills

Social Skills

As the Digital Media Manager for TerraCycle I have come to realize a very important truth. This truth is that social media is a reflection of one’s social skills. Whether your social media is for a company, a non-profit, or for personal use, the way it’s delivered is in direct proportion to ones social skills or what I like to call “Social IQ”.

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Which Celebrities are Taking Questions on Twitter?

Celebrity Twitter Questions

For many, the primary reason they joined Twitter was to follow their favorite celebrities. Twitter gets plenty of attention as a news aggregator and as a general lifestream, but we often forget who really has the attention of most Twitter users: the “idols”.

This infographic by our friends at inboxQ breaks down the data they’ve collected to give us a strong indication of who gets asked the most questions on Twitter.

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If @0boy Unfollowed You, Send Him a Message that “I’m Human” (pass it on!)

Twitter Lie

Don’t take offense. Don’t feel slighted. Ping me with an @reply and I’ll add you back.

There was a problem. It’s a problem that I’ve dealt with for 3 years now, and I simply couldn’t do it any longer. I unfollowed a ton of people and will unfollow even more in the next week. It comes down to truth versus lies.

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How Using Social Media Can Help You with Your Online College Classes

Taking an online college class might sound like an easy “A” that gives lazier students a chance to sleep in and spend class time in their pajamas and robe instead of dressing and showering the way we used to before the Internet changed everything. However, thanks to the advent of new technologies, increased Internet speeds and a constant stream of information and communication, college campuses are learning new ways to adapt social media into their online curriculum as well as their traditional classrooms outside of the Internet. Here’s why… [Read more…]

What about Company and Branded Facebook Pages? Back to the drawing board!

Facebook Changes Business

It’s hard to have missed last week’s hype on F8, Mark Zuckerberg and all the huge changes that are coming to Facebook. As much as I’m always eager to read up on Social Media news, it was pretty hard to keep up with everything!. Of course, as a Social Media Manager I was concerned, not much was said about Facebook Pages in particular but we all know that they will be largely affected with the introduction of so many new features.

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Is Tumblr the Real Facebook and Twitter Beater?

Tumblr 2012

In late 2007, I was approached by the man who would eventually become my content manager. He told me about a site that I should watch, one that he really liked and saw great potential in. I looked at it. After a couple of days of playing around with it, I dismissed it.

There was too much crossover with Twitter and WordPress for the site to ever be successful. It had a catchy name, but otherwise the interface was too complicated for micro-blogging and not robust enough for full-blogging. I didn’t visit Tumblr again for 2 years. Thankfully, my content manager kept going with it and we have nearly 600 Tumblogs in our network.

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The End of Privacy: Facebook Tracks Your Moves Even If You Log Out

Facebook Tracking

There are certain things users must sacrifice to play in the world of social media. One of them, to some extent, is privacy, and most who do “give it away” do so knowing that there are certain things they can do to keep private internet browsing, well, private. A common recommended practice for a while has been to log out of Facebook any time you don’t want to be tracked.

Apparently, that’s simply not enough.

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