Reddit Traffic has Exploded in 12 Months

Reddit Digg

Whether they want to admit it or not, Reddit was once the ultimate “hipster” site. No, it wasn’t/isn’t populated by people who wearing horn-rim glasses and skinny jeans carrying around graphic novels in their hemp knapsacks. It was hipster because it was only cool to those lucky few who knew about it. The site normally broke EVERYTHING first to the point that when people saw something for the first time on Twitter or Facebook, Redditors could say, “Oh, I saw that on Reddit last week.”

Then, Digg V4 happened. Since then, the traffic has gone up tremendously.


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Tired of Your College Classes? Try Aqua Zumba Classes for a Change of Pace

Any kinesiology or physical education student, whether taking traditional courses or college courses online, should know the basics of Zumba even if they are locked up in the Ivory Tower. However, for those of you not looking into the body and attempting to understand it, Zumba is a sweaty dance phenomenon sweeping the nation and toning its muscles. Now, to make the Latin dance craze workout even more compelling, Zumba has moved into the pool for a more intense cardio and resistance training regimen.

Aqua Zumba takes Zumba moves to mid-tempo and adds the resistance of water to create a challenging cardio workout. Water also helps to condition the muscles and to lower the impact on ankles, knees and hips, creating a workout perfect for fitness buffs of any age or condition. Yes, Zumba is loud, but the enthusiasm of your classmates will be infectious. When the music moves you, you’ll enjoy a challenging and rewarding workout while having a lot of fun in the process.

The Zumba craze was started by Alberto “Beto” Perez over 10 years ago. While the DJ played a variety of Latin dance tunes, participants performed salsa, the merengue march and many other Latin dance moves in Perez’s classes. Perez started the Zumba movement in South Florida with the motto “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party.” Now, over 12 million people take Zumba classes at over 110,000 locations in 125 countries. Zumba doesn’t charge fitness centers for offering their classes. Instead, Zumba Fitness gives instructors a license and a trademark if they join the Zumba Instructor network.

Instructors receive new music from Zumba Fitness about every two months, and the music comes with new moves to keep exercisers guessing. In fact, the Zumba original song “Caipirinha,” named after a Brazilian liquor, made it to Number One on the music charts in Israel. Zumba also spreads thanks to its strong social media presence. Many people discovered Zumba thanks to YouTube videos, and the Zumba Facebook page now has more than 3 million fans. In fact, according to The Seattle Times, Zumba is mentioned once every 11 seconds on social media platforms.

So why move Zumba into the pool? For enthusiasts, a pool-based workout delivers all of the fun of Zumba moves with the added resistance and joint cushioning provided by the water. According to participants, Aqua Zumba provides a serious workout with the atmosphere of a pool party. Aqua Zumba means music and movement without the wear and tear on the body. To increase the resistance, exercisers can simply spread their fingers as they move their arms through the water. Spread fingers increases the difficulty of the workout, while closed fingers makes the workout easier.

Aqua Zumba is accessible to beginners while still giving experienced exercisers a heart-pounding workout. Beneath the water, you can shake your booty without worrying about how you look. The Aqua Zumba instructor stays on the side of the pool so that you can easily see the moves. Underneath the water, you can feel free to move without worrying about the judgments of your peers.

Check the Zumba Fitness website to find an Aqua Zumba class near you. Then, get into your swimsuit, get your Latin beat on, and move to the music of Zumba in the water.

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Google +snippets May Have Impact on Search


We’ve known since June that the +1 button on websites will have a direct effect on searches performed by Google contacts. We have also speculated that plusses will also have an influence over general, unauthenticated search results. Lastly, we’ve had a feeling that the similarities between the +1 buttons on websites and the Google+ social network meant a future convergence between search and social on Google.


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