What Google+ Says About the Future of Mobile Apps

Google+-Mobile-AppsI was listening to my rock radio station of choice the other day, and when the commercial for a big bank mobile app aired, some thoughts I’d been having about social media and apps started to really make sense.

The spokesperson, in jocular, soothing tones, told me how even if I forgot to deposit my checks before I went to the ballgame, it didn’t matter, because I could do so with the app while the pitchers warm up. “All you have to do is take a picture of both sides of the check and boom it’s deposited,” he said.

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The True ROI to Social Media (Video)


In this video, you will see many stats, some you may have seen before, some you may see again, and some may even be new to you. Regardless, Social Media is growing and it is growing in the numbers, the numbers of social networks, the numbers of reach and the numbers of people whom part-take on them.

Social Media is not limited, it is limitless and already seen that it has moved onto our websites, blogs, televisions, radios and other mediums we intermingle with. This Industry is not a moment, it is a movement and the true ROI to Social Media is that your business will still be valid in five years.

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Digg “Newswire” is Hot (Update: Buries to be Public?)

Digg Newswire

One of the biggest complaints of Digg has always been in sorting. Even before V4 was rolled out nearly a year ago, it was often difficult to narrow down results and find content based upon certain criteria without having to do a direct search for keywords. Newswire, a new Digg feature still in limited beta, appears to be addressing the issue nicely.

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The Evolution of Photos

Baby Smiling

People love pics. In this social media world, there are those who share multiple photos every day. Developing film has become a thing of the past for all but the most traditional photographers. It’s all digital now.

As the are of photography evolves, how we take and share our images changes with the times and advances with the technologies. One such technology was designed by our friends at PhotoRocket, an innovative series of apps available on Windows, iPhone, and Mac (and available soon on iPad and Android) that simplify the sharing and receiving process.

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How Facebook Makes Money

With an estimated $2 billion in revenue last year and expectations set to nearly double that number this year, many wonder how a free service makes money. The games are huge and with the recent complete switch to Facebook Credits for in-game merchandise, that’s definitely a part of it. Yet, advertisers are able to hyper-target us in ways never truly seen.

So, what is Facebook really selling?
How Facebook Makes Money
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Google+ Vs. Facebook: The War Of The Internet Titans

Some people say Google+ has it all; that it is the perfect mix between Facebook and Twitter. Below are some side by side comparisons, including privacy, chat and friends, between Facebook and Google+. Will this battle of Internet titans go the distance or will Google+ get the knockout and become the new Social Media Heavyweight Champion of the World? [Read more…]