Why Infographics Are So Popular

Infographic Small

Contrary to popular belief, information graphics (better known as Infographics) were around before the internet. WAY before…

According to Wikipedia, the first examples of infographics can be found on cave walls. They are visualizations of information or data with the purpose of bringing to light a point in a format that is graphically appealing. As our world moves towards a faster pace of life, the need to communicate a message quickly through visualization is becoming more pronounced.

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The REAL Cost of Social Media for Business

Facebook Dollar

One of the worst things anyone can believe about social media as it pertains to business is that it’s free. Just because using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube require no money, the “cost” of social media done right is far greater. With that said, is it worth the investment of time, sometimes money, and often emotional distress?

For most, the answer is “Yes.” (queue trumpets)

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Choices — @0boy #sundaymusing



I hear too often about how companies will get businesses out there and exposed on dozens, even hundreds of social media sites. In reality, there are only a handful that need to be focused upon. Social networks on a personal basis are geared around preference, so I would not presume to tell Bob or Sally that they shouldn’t be on Bebo or Blinklist.

For business, the choices can be narrowed down greatly.

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Facebook will Hit 700 Million Users in July, but…

Facebook Logo

At current pace, Facebook will eclipse the 700-million user mark some time in early July. That’s the good news for the social network. The bad news – the growth rate has slowed for the second consecutive month, lending to the premise that it has reached its peak and will start to plateau. It’s not because they’re doing anything wrong.

Everybody’s already on it.

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Day-to-Day Social Media for Business: Video Marketing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Video Marketing

This post is part of a series titled 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Day-to-Day Business. Every day we will be expanding upon a new tip until the list is complete.

If there’s one medium to bet on for the future, it’s video. Tweeting may someday fall out of favor. Thousands of new blogs are popping up every day, making it hard to get in through the noise. Even Facebook, as gigantic as it is today, could collapse under its own weight from a couple of wrong moves.

Video, on the other hand, is going to be around in one form or another for a long, long time on the internet. We, as humans, love the sit-back-and-enjoy style of information consumption. It’s what made the television such a gargantuan medium and it will continue to drive the internet for decades to come.

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Twitter Questions: Asking “The Void” or a Real Resource?

Screaming in the Void

We all use Twitter for different reasons. Some use it as the quickest sort for news (of varying degrees of accuracy). Others mark their days and the days of their friends and family through it (though Facebook is clearly more populated for such activities). For many, Twitter is a random distraction with multiple “purposes” (even if there really is no purpose at all).

Some use Twitter to find answers. Are they getting them?

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Day-to-Day Social Media for Business: Thank Your Customers By Name

Thank You

This post is part of a series titled 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Day-to-Day Business. Every day we will be expanding upon a new tip until the list is complete.

As a child, you were hopefully taught good manners. When people did things, you thanked them. When people buy something from your store or help your business in some way, you thank them now as an adult.

Social media has opened the door to thanking people in a whole new way. Saying it personally will never be replaced by any technology, but you now have the ability to reinforce your appreciation and potentially reap some benefits as a result.

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6 Questions About Newborn Tech Companies


In reality, running a tech company isn’t that hard. It takes guts, hard work, and a strong vision, but keeping a successful tech company growing is relatively easy compared to other challenges that life throws at us.

Starting a tech company, however, is nearly impossible. Once you get there, the rest is pretty easy. Getting there is the tough part.

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Day-to-Day Social Media for Business: Search for Opportunities

Twitter Advanced Search

This post is part of a series titled 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Day-to-Day Business. Every day we will be expanding upon a new tip until the list is complete.

The biggest mistake businesses, particular local businesses, make is that they don’t take advantage of the goldmine that is Twitter Advanced Search. It’s really easy. Think of it as a metal detector. You set your detector to look for gold and start combing the beach. Think from your customers’ perspective. If you’re a realtor, you may want to search for people who are tweeting the words “buy a home”. Set your area, put in a radius, and let it fly.

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