Monthly Archives: June 2011

Google Helps You Find What You Love

image credit Jefferson Sestaro on Stock.xchng Google began rolling out a new service today, What Do You Love, that appears to aim not only to cement its place as the center of the search universe but also to remind people that it has a helluva lot of services. If you go to WDYL, you’re greeted

How Secure is Your Favorite Social Network?

It seems that security is falling behind in most cases in the race against hackers. Every day, someone new is hacked and our data is exposed. Social networking is no exception and the popularity of the medium has forced us to rethink how we go online, post pictures, and share with our friends and family.

Social Gaming: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social gaming is huge and companies like Zynga are cashing in big. Here’s an interesting fact: FarmVille users outnumber real US farmers by a ratio of 80 to 1 and 90% of Zynga’s revenue comes from virtual goods (like buying crops for FarmVille). The infographic below takes a good look at the social gaming scene