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Why Infographics Are So Popular

Contrary to popular belief, information graphics (better known as Infographics) were around before the internet. WAY before… According to Wikipedia, the first examples of infographics can be found on cave walls. They are visualizations of information or data with the purpose of bringing to light

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The REAL Cost of Social Media for Business

One of the worst things anyone can believe about social media as it pertains to business is that it’s free. Just because using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube require no money, the “cost” of social media done right is far greater. With that said, is it

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Choices — @0boy #sundaymusing

#justsayin I hear too often about how companies will get businesses out there and exposed on dozens, even hundreds of social media sites. In reality, there are only a handful that need to be focused upon. Social networks on a personal basis are geared around