The Evolution of Web Design

Web Design

Those of us who have been in the web design business know that there are three certainties in the industry:

  1. The hottest “look” today may be trashed tomorrow (and then may come back and be hot again next year).
  2. Combining functionality with aesthetic qualities often contradict each other.
  3. When in doubt, go to for inspiration.

Otherwise, the history of web design is relatively straightforward.

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Why I’m About to Delete My Facebook Account

Soshable Sunday Musing

I swear I’ll do it! There’s no talking me down from the ledge this time.

I’ve been contemplating it for months. There are business reasons for doing it, of course. It’s like the cocaine dealer that doesn’t do drugs – they’re always the most successful. I’m not trying to compare Facebook to cocaine here, but I do believe that something can be said about my ability to break down Facebook as a business tool without the interference caused by being a daily user. In essence, by focusing 100% on Facebook as a tool for our business clients, I will be able to deliver them better results.

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From Influencers to Brand Advocates: A Roundtable Discussion

If you’re in social media, you must set aside an hour to watch this video. It’ll be the best hour you spend learning about social media all day.

Barbara French, Sr. Director, Analyst Relations with Juniper Networks moderates the star-studded panel that includes Don Bulmer, VP of Global Communications for SAP, Guy Kawasako, Co-Founder for Alltop, and Mike Fauscette, GVP, Software Business Solutions for IDC. They discuss some important information for businesses on how to turn influencers into brand advocates.

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Reddit Moneybombing: Serious Cash from a Mischievous Community

Reddit Logo

There is a difference between Reddit and other social news sites. While they have never really staked a claim of being the biggest, baddest, or most powerful, they have demonstrated it time and time again, particularly in the arena of financial donations.

This graphic by WePay takes a look at some of the most significant random acts of moneybombing that have influenced people and charities across the world.

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CTR: An Up-And-Comer in the Ranking Factors?


Tommy Swanson is a social media specialist  for KMA, A Pursuant Company. Swanson is in charge of SEO and social media for numerous nationally recognized non-profit organizations. He is also a serial online entrepreneur who has built and sold several large businesses since his early teens.

When the term CTR is brought up, most marketers turn their attention to PPC. It’s a metric that plays a fundamental role in different strategies surrounding paid search. But what most seem to dismiss is CTR’s influence in SEO. Up till now, it’s most frequent use was to project numbers to clients, but now—it could be an up-and-comer in the ranking factors.

Role in PPC

We’re told that the “quality score” is the primary metric that determines your search marketing effectiveness, where your daily budget, maximum cpc bid, keyword relevance and clickthrough rates are all considered in determining this value. Let’s put this into perspective.

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A World Without Google [Infographics]

It’s pretty hard to imagine life without Google. From search to collaboration to email, if it wasn’t for Google most of us would have a hard time making it through our day to day life.  Here’s an infographic showing the timeline of when Google released some of it’s most popular features along with a brief explanation for each. Now think for a minute, what would your personal or professional life be like without Google? [Read more…]

Why Do Customers Like Your Facebook Page?


It’s a good question. It also rarely gets asked. Instead, people ask, “How do I get people to like my Facebook page?”

I know that the distinction seems minor, but it’s almost night and day. Same root, different branch. Don’t try to figure out how to get people. Learn why people like pages, then build your strategy from there. The goal may be to get more people to like your page, but the path stems from the source question.


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