Monthly Archives: April 2011

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Why So Much Confusion About Facebook Privacy?

I sat in on a Facebook “class” today at our local library. I didn’t learn much, mostly because the lady made most of it up. There is an abundance of misinformation about Facebook, but one would think that if you’re teaching a class, you might

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Is Social Media Ruining Students

With 96% of US college students on Facebook, you can draw a conclusion that it’s somewhat influential within our education system. Some universities are starting to embrace social media, but for the most part students are left to rely on their peers to learn how

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Visualizing “Facebook City”

There are some “what ifs” that probably shouldn’t be asked and definitely shouldn’t be visualized, but end up getting done anyway. This is a perfect example, taking the huge Facebook population and converting it into an infographic that depicts the “city” as it may look