Rebecca Black’s Friday Has More Active “Dislikes” than the the Population of Latvia

Rebecca Black Friday

It’s official. More people have thumbed down Rebecca Black’s Friday than the total population of the country of Latvia.

By the time you read this, the video that has people telling the teen, “we’re laughing at you, not with you,” may have already breached the 2.5 million dislikes mark, doubling up on her nearest competitor, Justin Bieber.

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Color: The Ultimate Localized Social Media Trolling App


Regardless of whether you believe that the $41 million funding for the company was appropriate or whether their Telegraph stunt was successful, Color is a still an app that has a ton of potential… for trolling.

Our friends over at Namesake gave us a nice visualized tutorial on how to take full advantage of the app’s greatest attribute.

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Is Social Media Ruining Students

Social Media Addict

With 96% of US college students on Facebook, you can draw a conclusion that it’s somewhat influential within our education system. Some universities are starting to embrace social media, but for the most part students are left to rely on their peers to learn how to navigate the world of Web 2.0.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? You decide.

Below is a graphic by Online Education that looks at the pros and cons of a national student body that is embedded in social media.

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Visualizing “Facebook City”

Facebook Logo

There are some “what ifs” that probably shouldn’t be asked and definitely shouldn’t be visualized, but end up getting done anyway. This is a perfect example, taking the huge Facebook population and converting it into an infographic that depicts the “city” as it may look if you squeezed the hundreds of millions of pages and people into one metropolis.

Our friends at GetSatisfaction were up to the task, converting what can only be described as a huge mess into an attractive and coherent visualization that could adorn the walls of geeks across the Internet.

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What Role Will Develop in Social Media to Replace Traditional Editors?


There is a lot of controversy lately regarding the role of social media in journalism.  Traditional journalistic standards require a process of vetting and fact-checking that is not required in social media.  With the popularity of blogging and iReporting, anyone can report on a topic or event at any time.

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In Case You Didn’t Know that Bad Customer Service is Bad

Angry Customer

The social media world has turned into a venue where really upset people who used to never really have a voice now have a way to make your company suffer for making them upset. Customer service may have always been technically important, but today it is amplified by the power of “word of click“.

This Infographic by our friends at ZenDesk puts the numbers to the perception that bad customer service is bad. If you didn’t know before, now you will.

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Why Universities Should Be Leading the Way in Social Media

Oregon State University

Social media and universities have a lot in common. The future leaders of the world are at both. They foster the latest in thought and take pride in looking to the bleeding edge while establishing the cutting edge. Young people want to be there. Creativity and empirical thought thrive there.

With such commonalities, it’s amazing that few universities have truly embraced social media as a way of collegiate life. The students may be on them, but only a handful of universities are truly engaged.

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