Get Optimized: How-To Tap into your Local Community with Google Places

Times have most certainly changed. Gone are the days of searching a phone book or yellow pages to find a local restaurant or business, technology has replaced the need for paper location searches with search engines that have upped their ante through adding local searches. Customers do not want to have to go to various websites to find you; they simple want to search for your business and for your business to appear in the search engine results.

Why is your Business not easily Found on Google?

It is most likely that you have not added your business to Google Places. It is not too late to optimize now.

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Understanding the Social Mindset of the Internet

Need to Belong

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is adjusting to the use of the Internet as a community and conversational tool rather than simply a broadcasting medium. It’s human nature to want to “belong” with other like-minded people. As a result, groups have been forming on the Internet to facilitate this.

It can be traced back as the origin of social media.

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The Future of Digg

Digg Logo

If you’d come up to me just a couple days ago and asked if Digg were going to survive for the long haul, I’d have sadly opined, “No.”

After lobbing a few hand grenades in the form of questions at (relatively) new CEO Matt Williams the other day, I’m happy to report I can upgrade that to a Magic 8 Ball-like response of “Cannot Predict Now.”

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Social Media Links: If It Gets Your Attention, Don’t Click. #sundaymusing

Buzzfeed Charlie Sheen

It happened. I got hooked. Despite all of the discipline that I put into making sure I don’t click on unfamiliar links on Twitter or Facebook, I ended up clicking on a headline that was so outrageous, so OMG, that my right index finger was pressing down before my mind could tell it, “NOOOOOOO!”

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Twitter: Changing the Games


If you hadn’t heard, Twitter is a pretty big site. It may not be Facebook in either the number of users or the average time that users spend on it, but those who are passionate about Twitter are ever-attached, always Tweeting, and watching everything that happens hour after hour, minute after minute.

Rarely do videos get made that include all of the key players as well as some major people in tech and social media. Thanks to Bloomberg, we have such a video in our possession.

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