Warren Buffett: Don’t Believe the Pre-IPO Social Media Hype

Warren Buffett

Few billionaires have displayed the forward-thinking and sound ideology that Warren Buffett has demonstrated over the last 4 decades. He knows money, knows investments, and has an eye for companies’ successes and potentials. With so much hype being thrown at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and GroupOn ahead of possible IPOs, he warns investors that values may be inflated.

“Most of them will be overpriced,” Buffett said Friday in New Delhi. ”It’s extremely difficult to value social- networking-site companies. Some will be huge winners, which will make up for the rest.”

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The LinkedInfographic


As promised, we’re starting to take a closer look at LinkedIn. Its power and influence are growing and it’s quickly becoming one of the “must have” profiles for businesses and professionals alike. This graphic by our friends at Online MBA puts it all into perspective.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networking sites in the world. While its numbers pale in comparison to competitors such as Facebook and Twitter, catering to business professionals gives the site a unique advantage. Seeking to capitalize on its growing notoriety, owners recently decided to take the company, filing for an initial public offering last month. But how do you put a price on being Linkedin? Before you run out to buy yourself a thousand shares, take a look at our breakdown of the social networking powerhouse.

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50 LinkedIn Tips, Many of Which are Awesome

LinkedIn Logo

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t know a ton about LinkedIn. The site has always interested me, but I haven’t had a need or desire to look for a job in the 4 years that the site has grown in prominence, nor have I been involved enough in hiring to use it as a recruiting tool.

Two things have generated a need to know the site: I’m hiring and it’s turning into a much more prominent marketing tool that businesses can use beyond hiring fresh talent. As a result, I’m promising to learn the site and put more “in” stories to Soshable.

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Ford is Built Social Media Tough. Putting Ford in FORwarD Thinking

To be an Automotive Company or Dealership at this exact moment in time can be tough. Social Media has annexed all natural distribution of selling and altered the performance salespersons have perfected for years. It has become alarming to many, not identifying the purpose of talking to people online, generating content to share and setting up shop on things called social networks. Many still think Social Media’s sole purpose is for personal use and have yet unleashed its possibilities to gain when using social sites for business.

Let’s face it, the world is perpetually getting smaller, our communication evolution has unveiled itself and we have accepted it with a welcoming hashtag and a Facebook Page. No one wants a one-way conversation or a sales pitch. People want virtual handshakes, conversations and promotions that relate to them as people, not as pockets.

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Is Conde Nast Squandering Reddit’s Potential?

Senior Software Engineer Mike “Raldi” Schiraldi

How many software engineers does it take to operate a site that serves over 1 billion pageviews a month? At Reddit, the answer is (hopefully) one, at least for now.

Yesterday Senior Software Engineer Mike “Raldi” Schiraldi resigned to take on his “dream job” at Google, leaving the total headcount of software engines at one. David King left last week to join Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian at Hipmunk.

After eclipsing Digg to take the top spot amongst social news sites, Reddit has seen little in the way of “love” from their owners, Conde Nast. Promises have been made to dramatically increase the size of the skeleton crew that keeps the site running, but is that really enough?

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