Monthly Archives: February 2011

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The United States of Facebook

If you really take a look at what Facebook and the United States have become in the past few years, similarities start to become evident. From leadership and policy down to users and the future, parallels can be seen without much of a stretch. Please

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The Social Media Yearbook, 2011 Edition

Twitter is the Gossip Girl. Facebook is the Jock. Where do your favorite social media sites fit in? The 2011 edition of the Social Media High School Yearbook is out. They say you can tell where someone is going to end up based upon their

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The Internet: Filling the “Need to Belong”

One of the greatest strengths of the Internet is in filling the “need to belong.” It’s human nature for many to feel part of a like-minded group. Even those who are more introverted or socially inept in real life can “spread their wings” and show