Blogs and Social Media Integration Tips: Buttons

As social media continues to grow as a valid source of traffic for blogs, there are certain fundamental components that bloggers need to incorporate. Social media integration is both easy and extremely difficult – you want it to help contribute to the message but you don’t want it to be overbearing in any way.

Don’t let the desire for social media traffic hamper the quality of the blog when the traffic gets there.

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Facebook: “Like” is Like “Share,” But Share is Still There

Facebook Like vs Share

If you were confused before about the differences between liking a website or story and sharing one, Facebook has confused the issue even more to make it simpler for us all. “Like” it, “share” it – either way you’re posting the details on your wall and onto your friends news feeds. If anything, “like” is more prominent than “share” now.

Website owners will rejoice. Unsuspecting users will likely get annoyed.

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Follow @Soshable Because Mainstream Media Doesn’t Get Social Media

It’s a hard thing to come by, but once earned, trust can be a powerful thing. I hope that you trust the content of this site enough to take the title of this story at face value.

For the last 3 hours I’ve been sifting through stories posted on many of the big web properties out there right now. Some were social media or tech-related blogs. Others were some of the traditional mainstream media with professional journalists trained in the art of word craft. I wrote a piece that nobody will ever see. It’s now been scrapped and replaced with this one.

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Are “Digital Natives” Better Suited For Mobile Learning?

The premise is simple. The “digital natives” who entered into the world surrounded by digital technology have two circumstances pointing them towards success in mobile learning: the tools are there to teach them and the old ways don’t work the way they used to. Sadly, the “old ways” that once worked have not grown less effective as techniques. Our children simply do not receive the same benefits from the techniques due to their skills (and often their dependence) on digital as a way of life.

Despite the simple premise, our friends at Voxy did not take the easy road to get the point across, generating this elaborate and exceptionally detailed depiction of the world of mobile learning. As with any company that prides itself on education, they definitely did a thorough job.

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Online Videos Rise: Where are the Advertisers?

The trends are clear: more people are watching videos online and spending less time in front of the television. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to skip television ads thanks to technology such as Tivo than it is to skip ads online.

With such clear trends, why are companies not embracing online video advertising more?

This Infographic by our friends at BuySellAds has clear implications, but online video ads are only marginally increasing. When will big business start to understand that branding online is much more cost-effective than through traditional media?


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5 Components of a Powerful Business Tweet

The world of social media marketing has dozens of important sites that demand attention, but it is hard to dispute that Facebook and Twitter are (currently) the two most important. Facebook could have a book written about the different techniques and tools for marketing. By the time it’s published, it would be obsolete.

Twitter is a different story. It has remained relatively consistent from a techniques perspective. Tools emerge every week that assist, so the real changes come in the form of fine-tuning one’s method of delivery.

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15 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users

Update: This article from last year deserves another look, so we’re moving it forward for your enjoyment.

It can be argued that those of us who tweet links to content on the web are the most annoying of Twitter users. That is the “category” that I fit in, so it makes sense that I would exclude my personal type from this list.

Otherwise, there are probably dozens of other types that are just as annoying.  This is, of course, a partial list, but we’ll be expanding the post once more annoying Twitter types come to light. In the meantime, here’s the first 14. Post any that we missed in the comments or tweet at us with your suggestions. [Read more…]

Automotive Social Media Marketing Infographics

It is crystal clear that the automotive industry is embracing social media as fast or faster than any other vertical market out there. From manufacturers to dealers and every step along the way to get us behind the wheel, every level of the industry is rapidly deploying amazing social media campaigns.

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