Social Media: The Impact

The impact of social media on our society is one that is not in doubt. Some, however, do question whether there are true business applications to social media. Is it just a branding tool that big corporations can use or is it something that small businesses can utilize as well.

That debate will continue, but this graphic by Jim Piccolo breaks down the ways that social media was used in 2010. This information can help us to predict and better understand what may happen in 2011 and beyond. [Read more…]

Facebook Demographics: A Comprehensive Guide (Amazingly Squeezed Into One Page)

Sometimes we come across articles (or in this case, an infographic) that blow our minds. Even more rare is to come across one that has not received the mass-exposure that it deserves. Why this particular one hasn’t been picked up by any of the heavy hitting blogs or social sites is beyond us.

We hope to give that exposure to Amover, an apparently new blog whose creator, Amodiovalerio Verde, has experience in other formats of social media information gathering. We’ve included the slideshow from this infographic below as well – very useful since the original infographic is 2000 pixels wide.

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How People Use Twitter (Graphic)

Many have been predicting since 2007 that Twitter was a fad that would soon die. They suggested that people enjoyed the simplicity but in the end they would shift back towards long-form and abandon microblogging altogether. It’s 2011… where are the experts now?

Do YOU use Twitter? If you’re reading this blog, you either are using twitter or you’re considering it.

This breakdown by our friends at Flowtown puts it all into perspective for us in stunning digital fashion. Are you doing it right? If you’re considering using it, into which demographic will you fit? [Read more…]

The Flickr-Facebook Login: Zucker-Borg Will Assimilate Them Soon

From Mark Zucker-borg to Flickr: “You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.”

There are times when one must accept that they are defeated and salvage what they can by integrating with their bitter rival. Such seems to be the case for Flickr, who today announced that they will be allowing users to login or join using their Facebook ID. The end is near for their sovereignty and status as a unique Yahoo! product.

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Social Media Use At Work Yields Higher Productivity

Do 54% of businesses have it wrong? The majority believe that allowing your employees to visit social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while at work will decrease productivity. Apparently, they’re absolutely wrong.

Depending on which study you look at (and there are several that yield opposite conclusions) you can make a case for either side. We’re sticking with this one from SocialCast, probably because it looks really nice and the facts make sense. Before you dismiss it, think about it. If employees are allowed to relax a bit at work and stay on top of their social profiles, they time they spend doing work should increase in efficiency.

Then again, maybe it won’t. Who really knows? It’s one of those situations where, depending on who you’re asking and what study you reference, a case can be made for or against social media use at work. We’re going with this one: [Read more…]

The Assassination of MySpace by the Coward Rupert Murdoch

MySpace is dead and I blame Rupert Murdock.

The article can end right there. The point is made and few will argue. Unfortunately, I can’t stop.

After doing some research into the history of MySpace I realized something – it’s totally the fault of News Corp that the once-mighty social networking pioneer is going to be sold for parts in the coming months, maybe even weeks. We won’t go into the changes (or lack thereof) nor will we look at the commitment (or lack thereof) that News Corp put into MySpace. This was a huge squandering of something powerful and potentially beautiful.

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Being Conan and Dennis: Having Others Tweet For You While You Hit The Typewriter

First, watch it. When you’re done chuckling, realize what it means about the true state of social media.

Or, just laugh. That’s acceptable as well.

In this hilarious clip from Team Coco and Dennis Leary, both stars reveal that they don’t really Tweet for themselves. While this has become far from a shocking revelation with so many celebrities being “on” Twitter but not really being on Twitter, it does say something about them. Many really are stuck in the typewriter age. [Read more…]

Internet 2010: The Trivial Pop Quiz Where Someone Else Did the Work

There are two things I enjoy most on lazy days when when I’m too far behind for a real blog post but anxious to put something up that’s interesting:

  1. Trivia questions.
  2. Someone else doing the research.

Such is the case today with the awesome people over at Royal Pingdom (click that link AFTER taking the quiz, as the answers are there, unless you’re a cheater in which case you should go straight there now and disregard the rest of this post) doing tons of work amassing a tremendous amount of data regarding what happened on the Internet in 2010.

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ByeSpace to MySpace: The End of an Era

MySpace has been freeing up some “space” with plans of firing 47% of its staff, this seems like a clear sign of its final stages towards its demise.

MySpace’s current owner NewsCorp, may be looking to sell this sinking social network this coming June, first sign of this is firing 500 of its employees for a reconstruction by entering with local partnerships in the UK, Germany and Australia to manage advertising and content.

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Reddit vs Digg: A Case Study

We’ve been planning on this story for a while but it’s been challenging finding a piece of content that fit the criteria. It needed to be very close to being equally popular on both Digg and Reddit, plus we needed the site owner to be willing to share their analytics data with us. Thanks to our friends at Techi, we found a case study story.

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