Monthly Archives: January 2011

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5-Minutes with Your Startup:

It’s a question that people often ask when they’re alone, bored, concerned, or simply wanting to talk to someone for random reasons. “Anybody out there?” This startup called AnybodyOutThere tries to help people who are asking the question by putting them in Instant Messaging conversations

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The History of Social Networking

The world has gone social. In 2010, the industry truly reached a tipping point. 2011 seems to be more of the same, but with new innovations that will  likely shift how we spend our Facebook and Twitter time into new directions. This graphic by Online

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It’s Okay to Like Starbucks, Damn It.

When brands hit the “big time” they often become polarizing. Such is the case with Starbucks, a company that is loved and hated by millions and millions, respectively. This is where I editorialize the heck out of this story…