Talking Social Media… In Person #DMSC #NADA2011

Greetings awesome readers. I will be heading up to San Francisco this week to give the Social Media keynote at the 2011 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference as well as attending NADA 2011. Unfortunately, I will not be posting as often as I would like, but I’m hopeful that some of the other writers will pick up the slack and make it interesting.

Unfortunately, this also means no Social Blade Show this Thursday (but we’ll be back next week!).

Please continue to send you “5-Minutes with Your Startup” requests and I’ll be caught up with them shortly after getting back.

Please “tweet it up” so everyone knows that I’ll be gone. Thanks!

Anyone Using Social Media Can Appreciate “The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity”

Sometimes, it doesn’t take complex infographics or digital mastery to convey a very clear visual message. Sometimes, the message is clear and slaps you in the face.

Such is the case with this illustration by Fuchsia Macaree. Nothing more needs to be said. If you use social media for or at work, you’ll understand. Enjoy.

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A Year Old and Still So Relevant: NBR on Social Media for Business

We won’t pound on them for mentioning MySpace and Bebo in the same sentence as Facebook and Twitter. These videos are, after all, a year old this week.

We’ll definitely give this 30-year-old show, the Nightly Business Report on PBS, all the credit in the world for abandoning the stuffy advice that you can find on the Wall Street Journal and going with real advice for businesses of all sizes. Social media is the way to go – that much is clear. That NBR figured this out before most mainstream media business shows is a nice touch.

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5-Minutes with Your Startup:

It’s a question that people often ask when they’re alone, bored, concerned, or simply wanting to talk to someone for random reasons. “Anybody out there?”

This startup called AnybodyOutThere tries to help people who are asking the question by putting them in Instant Messaging conversations with people who may share their interests or concerns at the moment. With promised integration into several IM platforms, there is a certain sense of controlled chaos that surrounds the service.

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Rally to Restore Sanity was FourSquare’s Biggest Event in 2011

With 3400% growth and 6 million users, FourSquare had an amazing 2010 capped by over 30,000 check-ins at the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC last October. How will all of this success translate to their future in 2011?

Other social media sites grabbed more headlines in 2010, but few experienced the exponential growth that Foursquare saw. The location-based social network saw hundreds of millions of check-ins at various locations around the world, prompting many to consider it the fastest growing segment of social networking.

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Understanding Social Customer Relationship Management

We aren’t talking about the tool.

We’re talking about a commitment that most have already made. You manage relationships that you have with your customers past, present, and future. Most use a CRM or Lead Management tool to make it happen.

Alone, these tools are worthless. No matter how automated, how simple-to-use they are, true customer relationship management requires effort.

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Where Digg Continues To Lose Its Way: Trying to Impress Mainstream Media That Doesn’t Give a $h17

When Digg first rolled out “Staff Picks” late last year, I was extremely excited. Here was an opportunity for Digg to use their front page real estate to highlight stories that were not getting the traction that they would be able to get on other social news sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon where quality matters more than promotion. I thought, “Now, let’s get some unique, viral material on the front page.”

I was wrong. It has proven to be a wasted ploy to try to get the attention of sites that not only don’t need the traffic but who consider Digg a minor blip on their radar (if they even consider them that anymore).

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