2011 Social Media Hits and Misses

2011 Social Media

It was a year where a ton (perhaps too much) attention was given to social media. While it’s relatively old in internet years, every day brings more people onto Twitter, Facebook, and apparently even Google+. 2011 proved to have some very excellent uses for social media from amplifying rage in Egypt to major IPOs in the tech industry (met with relatively little success, unfortunately).

For every good use of social media, there was the Anthony Wiener or Charlie Sheen making asses of themselves on it. Whether for cutting-edge innovations in information transmission or to simply laugh at the follies of morons, social media enjoyed another year of high-level interest from the population.

This infographic breaks down some of the big hits and misses, the bullseyes and the missed shots, that populated our Twitter feeds and made for excellent discussions on our Facebook walls. Click to enlarge.

Social Media 2011

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  1. I dig the infographic, it’s a great visualization of some of the trending topic performances throughout 2011.

  2. JD, thank you so much for this content rich article. The colors on your infographic make it a lot more user friendly and easier to understand. Please check out my FREE ebook, How to Market on Facebook in 60 Minutes a Day, when you get a chance at http://angelagiles.com



  3. thanks JD Rucker for sharing this