Help! 3 Steps on How to Get Your Business’s Facebook Page Back

Many businesses make the dreaded mistake when setting up their Facebook page of allowing any employee to create the page under their profile – not knowing if that employee will be a long-term one could cost you a dent in your online reputation.

Prior to venturing onto a Social Media platform, you must strategize how you plan to go forth with your business and to run your social networks with a business mind. The Internet is never a place to get sloppy or lazy, since this is a medium that is unforgiving when it comes to forgetting – and in the wrong hands could be detrimental for your business.

Facebook is one of or arguably THE best place to build your brand online. With a Facebook Page, you could have it up and running within minutes and it can quickly become a secondary home for your business. However, to create a Facebook page you must attach it to a profile, which helps Facebook stay authentic, but can add a little stress to a new-comer. Often, the employee who set up the page has upped and left and has taken your business’s page with them.

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Everybody’s Doing It: How Social Media is Being Used for Business

Is it a fad? Is it a scam? Is it here today, gone tomorrow?

Social media and marketing experts have had a wide range of opinions on the future of social media for a long time. Many said it would be gone by the end of 2010 (I even recall an article in 2007 that predicted the demise of social media as a marketing tool by 2008). Just about everyone who predicted that social media would die are either silent or admitting the error of their ways.

Our friends at Flowtown put together this excellent infographic that puts it all into perspective for us. Still have doubts? Don’t.

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Facebook Messages Is NOT Email (Video)

There has been a misconception of the new messages feature Facebook is in the process of rolling out with invites. This misconception is that it’s email, when in fact it’s not, it’s bigger.

Instead of us having to worry about the various sources of technological communications and the preferences that our friends and family members have, Facebook is willing to do the work for us. This way we can stay connected and social in a simplistic and less spammy way.

Watch the video for an easy explanation of Facebook Messaging:

Do you think Facebook Messages will play a key impact in futuristic communications?


Why Facebook’s New Messaging System Will Work (and won’t kill Gmail)

If anyone was expecting a big product launch that would shake the world of social media and how we engage on the Internet in general, you were probably disappointed. If you were hoping to see a change at Facebook that is quite long-overdue, well, now you have it.

Facebook’s new messaging system is basically an integration of a spam filter and a unification of different channels to allow users an “easier” method of communication. SMS, email, IM, and Facebook messages are all being addressed by the changes.

Depending on how many friends you have and how selective you’ve been with picking friends, groups, and pages that you like, you may or may not have a problem. Those who receive tons of messages every day may find this service very useful.

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Was Social Media Inevitable to our Homo-Empathicus Evolution? (Video)

Many cruise along the paved roads of Social Networks without giving much thought to their development or enhancement within our social ecosystem. They are fun, entertaining, and for the most part – very easy to figure out.

What if we analyze our historical growth in communication or the evolution of us as human beings and uncover the path from our first existence till today? Would we find out the explosion of Social Media was not in fact a genius creation put forth into motion and we as human beings just happened to find pleasure in it? Or would the remnants of our history unearth a deeper more scientific process that exposes social media as a natural procedure that was destined within the make up of the human evolution?

As this video suggests, and explains our homo-empathicus nature – It can’t help BUT leave you wondering….