New Postling Streams: Save Time While Being Social

Social Media: Two small words for such a gigantic Industry, yet these small words have powerful meaning for your business.

Social Media can be a rough road to travel down and it can be frustrating and difficult to take the time to immerse your business within the assortments of social networks that are willingly available to us. The availability is very useful but our time is still precious and as business owners will say, “They want to sell” more so than to be social.

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Chatter for Salesforce: Getting Connected at Work

There are varieties of software’s that can assist with organizing your company and sometimes it is difficult to figure out which one will best suit you. In the age of getting social – perhaps the smartest move would be to have the two integrate as one.

Many companies use Salesforce, a software that helps maintain, manage and communicate throughout your business and gives users the ability to ensure the project at hand goes to the correct employee and department. Salesforce is a great way to get organized and an opportunity to see how all of your departments are doing with their work flow. With this ease, it will make tasks faster to complete and for the business owner, the ability to over-see completion.

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Take Initiative: Fight for your Business’s rightful spot in Social Media Success

Social Media for businesses can be a competitive place as you decide to integrate your business in amongst the herds of already established competing communities that may be strong within your competitors, and can seem overwhelming as you take that leap into the possibilities of Social Media.

Don’t Be Discouraged

As scary as it may seem to take a step forward in perhaps a world that is unknown to you, yet the pressure and the logic of becoming involved may plunge you into taking part, without truly understanding what exactly you’re suppose to do within the gigantic Social Media Universe. You my friend are not alone.

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How to Categorize your Friends on Facebook

At first it will be tedious and mundane to add people to lists you have made friends with on Facebook; however, it will be worth your wild going forward with all that you do on Facebook. You can create lists such as; “people I work with”, “online friends” or “friends and family”. These lists can become a great networking tool and help you target the exact people you want to share various content, events, or to even have a peek at what their up to without having to sort through your uncategorized newsfeed.

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On Digg Today, Everything Went Better Than Expected

The implosion of Digg is happening. It is an unstoppable conclusion to events that have been in motion since last week and will continue until the full implosion event similar to to the final shrinking of the universe.

Then, today, it changed. Digg’s front page algorithm started resembling the old promotion algorithm. Familiar sources absent from the Digg front page for a week came back.

Everything went better than expected.

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