Monthly Archives: September 2010

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New Postling Streams: Save Time While Being Social

Social Media: Two small words for such a gigantic Industry, yet these small words have powerful meaning for your business. Social Media can be a rough road to travel down and it can be frustrating and difficult to take the time to immerse your business

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How to Categorize your Friends on Facebook

At first it will be tedious and mundane to add people to lists you have made friends with on Facebook; however, it will be worth your wild going forward with all that you do on Facebook. You can create lists such as; “people I work

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On Digg Today, Everything Went Better Than Expected

The implosion of Digg is happening. It is an unstoppable conclusion to events that have been in motion since last week and will continue until the full implosion event similar to to the final shrinking of the universe. Then, today, it changed. Digg’s front page