The Five C’s To Social Media

We all are in need of tips to try and begin utilizing Social Media to its fullest potential and although it is ever growing and changing, certain things remain the same.

CHere are your five C’s to Social Media, that can be applied to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other Social Networking site that you use for personal or professional gain.

  1. Connect- Your first pursuit with any Social Networking site is to find people to connect with. Friend and Fan those you are already aware of that use Social Media and then branch out. Don’t just randomly add people or friend those back because they have added you. Instead, check out their page and see what things you may have in common. This will cause you to have a more positive and long-lasting relationship with people, instead of numbers.
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NADA Convention: TK Carsites to Hold Social Media Seminars

With the NADA Convention in Orlando happening this weekend, TK Carsites is proud to be putting on 5 social media related workshops. KPA and TK Carsites will be hosting them at the NADA exhibit hall in room W102A (one level down from the expo floor).

Social Media is the “hot topic” in automotive marketing right now. Millions of people are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs to engage with businesses and individuals and the automotive industry is ripe to get involved. As with most trends, there are vendors selling “hype over quality” and as a result, TK Carsites is offering these educational (NO PITCHING INVOLVED) 30-minute workshops to help dealers navigate through the bad parts of social media to find the true benefits and rewards.

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Reddit Founder Discusses Social Media on TED

When Alexis speaks, Redditors listen.

From Mashable:

We’ll start things off with a real-life social media parable about how the biggest and most effective forces on the web usually take shape by accident. Alexis Ohanian of tells the quick and hilarious story of how the social web provided some unexpected help to Greenpeace in halting the Japanese whaling industry. Internet marketers take note: The meme is all powerful, and it cannot be controlled.

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Where’s the money being spent in Social Media [Infographic]

So, you have a small- or medium-sized business. You’ve heard of social media, but you aren’t sure where to put your money.

This infographic by the good folks over at Flowtown has all of the answers you need as far as where other businesses are spending. Are they spending their money right? That’s another post altogether.

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Digg Advertising… via Source Code. For Hell. Seriously.

Not sure whether to applaud them for attempting to get creative or to scorn them for being unoriginal. Companies have put “ads” in their source code before, sort of an Easter Egg for us geeks to find, but this one is both scary and strangely intriguing.

It’s an advertisement leading to HellIsNigh, a promotional site for the Dante’s Inferno game coming out later this month. Rather than pass judgment on whether or not it will be effective, I will say that I’m happy that Digg is making an effort at thinking outside of the box.

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What’s your flavor (in Social Media)?

As I prepare to do the Social Media Boot Camp and seminars at the NADA Convention in Orlando, I have been looking for clear, concise, informative resources to spark ideas. One in particular, the video below, blew my mind. It isn’t that the video is super-amazing-awesome – it’s excellent, but there are better videos out there. The thing about this one: it’s message holds so true today and the video was made in early 2008!

Take a peek and you’ll probably see what I see, which is that the folks over at CommonCraft knew back then what so many know now, that properly handled social media can be more effective than any form of advertising, dollar for dollar.

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SocialBlade is in the Running for a ShortyAward

I wouldn’t have expected it, but it’s true. One of my most important “jobs” occurs every Thursday at 7:00 pm PST. The Social Blade Show has become an important part of what I do and how I do it and as a result, it is with great pride that I announce we are a finalist for a Shorty Award.

Never in my life have I “campaigned” for an award, especially a web award. This time, it’s different. It’s personal.

It’s for keeps.

OK. Maybe it’s not that serious, but it’s still “pretty darn cool” enough to ask you, oh loyal Social News Watch readers, to hop on your Twitter and vote for us in the News category. Here’s the link: Social Blade Show Rocks the News World and Doesn’t Talk Much About Twilight. You know what to do.

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Why OEM’s Should Be Helping their Dealers with Social Media

Recently, a debate has been brewing within Corporate America regarding social media. How active should a corporation with franchise locations be with helping in local social media initiatives?

Using automotive social media as the example, many would say that the manufacturers should avoid working with their dealers in their social media activities as it would taint the local “flare” of a dealership and potentially hamper their efforts. Others would argue that franchise dealers are extensions of the brand and therefore should be not only monitored but controlled to make certain they are putting the best message out in the potentially volatile world of social media.

The best answer (in our opinion) lies somewhere in the middle. It’s not a cop-out answer, either. There’s no diplomacy involved here. It’s just a simple statement (of our perception) of facts.

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