Government Monitoring your Tweets? Monitor Theirs Right Back.

What is your government tweeting now?

That’s the question that GovLive tweets asks on their new website. With over 500 hand-picked agencies so far, it makes for an interesting way to see what “The Man” is saying in social media.


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How Spam Killed Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon

Blame SpamThe statement could be pushed over to just about any true Web 2.0 site where voting and popularity determine the success of a piece of content. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace – overrun by spam. Mixx, Propeller, Yahoobuzz – spam havens.

For social news powerhouses Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon to be so changed by the presence of gobs and gobs of spam hits a little harder. They are the sites where I started my journey in Web 2.0. They are the shiny beacons of user-controlled, traffic-generating goodness that made mainstream media look to the people for their opinions and discoveries.

They are, for all intents and purposes, shells of what they should be, and spam is to blame. Perhaps more importantly, how they handled spam over the years has caused them to close their networks in one way or another through a series of witchhuntesque spam countermeasures.

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Using Twitter Lists for Finding Niche Tweeps to Follow

It seemed like a no-brainer to me, but I was talking to a friend who is, under normal circumstances, a much more prolific Twitter user and consultant than I am. He asked me for advice on helping his clients find relevant people to follow, what software we used for our clients, etc.

I mentioned lists as our primary method. The midday sun shone inside his brain as his smile crept up to each earlobe.

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Social News WAR pt 2/3. Ncomment does it again.

Lee Garnett from ncomment did it again. We knew that the first comic was absolutely amazing, but this Part 2 took it to another level.

Click the image for the full comic (but check out part I first if you haven’t already).


How awesome is that!

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Facebook Fan Page Tips

SocialMouths has put together an excellent list of 10 steps to make your Facebook fan page shine. I would love to add, but they/he did an excellent job at wrapping it up.

Here’s the list, but visit SocialMouths for the details:

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Why Mazda Shouldn’t Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager

One of the keys to social media is that it is supposed to be sincere. As a result, I always tell companies to get involved on a personal level regardless of whether they’re a local car dealer, a manufacturer, or anywhere in between.

Mazda_FacebookWith that said, I was discouraged by an ad for a Social Media Marketing Manager for Mazda corporate. The ad itself is fine – they seem to be looking for the right person with some of the right criteria around which to hire. They posted it in the right places and will probably receive a huge response.

Mazda_TwitterThe problem that I found isn’t in the fact that they’re trying to hire someone. My concern is that they’re in no position to hire someONE to manage their social media. They don’t really have social media. For all intents and purposes, they are invisible on Web 2.0. At this stage of the game, they don’t need a manager because they have very little to manage.

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Social Media and Mobile Tech Jobs Show Strongest Growth in 2009

There are 3 phrases that have rarely been spoken in the same sentence recently:

  • Jobs
  • 2009
  • Good news

Social Media and Mobile Technology are the exception. According to a report by Indeed, 7 of the 10 fastest growing opportunities of 2009 were social media or mobile-tech related, with Twitter showing the strongest growth.

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Do you know how big the Internet is? (Infographic)

The people over at put together this truly enlightening infographic bringing the Internet into an understandable scale. Enjoy!

A Day in the Internet
Created by Online Education

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Startups are popping up all over the real time web

The real time web continues to be a buzz world through technology and internet marketing blogs.  Users want to know what is happening right now, and the real time web is in the middle of all of it.

Real Time WebBelow, are four startups currently making an impact in the industry: – A major aspect of the real time web is the ability for users to share links.  Topsy has spent a lot of time and money at building technology which will analyze all of the links on the real time web, and then they display search results based on the most popular links being shared.  They also use authority because certain people sharing links hold more weight than others.  Anyway, they generate search results to other sites, based on the popular links in the real time web.  You can sort by hour, day, week, or month. * – Sency has built to feeds for webmasters to integrate into their website.  The first, brings real time content to a website.  So, a site about Hollywood can have a stream of content, that updates automatically anytime someone mentions Hollywood on the real time web.  The other feed is a popular links feed that updates with Today’s most popular links for a respective keyword.  These tools are private labeled, and offer several customization options.

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Social Media Stats, Courtesy of SearchAndSocial

Jordan over at Search and Social did a fantastic job in getting this infographic done:

Social Media Statistics

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