Monthly Archives: March 2009

Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back

As Twitter hits its stride and emerges as a juggernaut in social media, the top users on the site are distancing themselves from the pack. The race to 1,000,000 followers will be achieved in a few months by some accounts. With such strong followings, many new or inactive Twitter users may not think that there

How Twitter Tears Friends Apart – When Louie met 0boy

It’s easy to make friends on the Internet, especially through social networking. When, through coincidence, those Internet friends turn into real-life friends because of proximity, great things can happen. Thus starts the story of “When Louie met 0boy.” We first noticed each other on Digg. He was an up and coming power user and I

Does Digg have a New Sponsor?

Kevin Rose wouldn’t stoop to promoting a product through a Digg submission. The camera itself is exceptionally cool and tech-news-worthy in itself. Still, you have to wonder. UPDATE: Some have IM’d me saying that Canon isn’t a sponsor. I know. This was a spoof. I apologize for not making it clear.