Monthly Archives: July 2008

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Propeller. Fail.

The reviews are starting to roll in.  There are only two possible conclusions so far: either the community will need some time to get used to the new changes over at Propeller, or the changes were a bad move.  The initial feelings of the community

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Revolt? Day 2, Another Fail Dominates Front Page

One of the first front page stories that stayed at the top of the Propeller “Most Popular Stories” was titled, “ new layout Sucks!!!“.  If you click on the link to it, you get this: This article has been removed from our system for violating

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Testing TweetSnap

Reviewing (well, testing) Tweetsnap. This seems like a pretty interesting idea for bloggers who are embedded in their twitter but hate messing with the downtime issues. We’ll see how it plays out.