Monthly Archives: May 2008

Web 3.0 is (probably) being built as we speak

Is consolidation the road to Web 3.0? I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that I believe the “Web 3.0” revolution will be ushered in by Social Hybrids. We are starting to see large Web 2.0 companies getting eaten up by the larger Internet powerhouses — AOL/Bebo, eBay/StumbleUpon, Yahoo/, etc — but there hasn’t

10 Great URLs with Bad Websites

Sometimes, a URL leads you to exactly what you expect.  Other times, it takes you to blank pages, advertising link pages, or just plain dumb stuff. This list of 10 (plus 4 dishonorable mentions) includes excellent domain names with great type-in traffic (at least they did back in the day when people still relied on

Digg Town Hall Prompts New Site Announcement

From Soshable, one social media site in the works lays some cards on the table in an effort to generate the funds necessary for launch. The Digg Town Hall Meetings so far have been like bad sex in a bad relationship. There’s too much time in between causing a buildup that has to be released.