Best Advice for Mixx: Stop Following Digg

This won’t be a popular article.  It can’t be Dugg because it mentions Mixx and it can’t be Mixxed because it seems to lean towards being critical.  In hopes of my true feelings being expressed and understood, let me say that I love Digg and I love Mixx.  Both are the best at what they do.

What do they do?  Digg serves up the ultimate in news niblets for us to ingest at our leisure.  It grants incredible exposure to quality content and helps blogs, large and small, to pop up on someone’s screen who never would have visited otherwise.  This doesn’t even touch on the other recipients such as YouTube, Flickr, and traditional news sources online.

Mixx does the same thing, right?  Well, sort of.  Mixx does offer the same type of quality content.  It does grant exposure, but not on the same scale (or in the same ballpark) as Digg.  Still, its strength lies in the people and their attitudes.  For the most part, Mixx is a much more social and sociable platform that Digg or any of its clones. (more…)

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11 of 15: Algo Change Gives New Diggers a (temp) Chance

Digg StatsAt 2:45pm, PST, on 1-25-07, of the 15 stories on the Digg front page, 11 are from Diggers who have never gone Popular before.  For two of them, it is their only submission ever.

This was bound to happen.  The super-tight status of the Digg algorithm that occurred immediately after the algorithm change helped to prompt the stalled Digg Revolt.  Jay and Kevin said that it was natural and that it would be tweaked.  Someone on the chat during the live broadcast said it would be tweaked too much just to make sure everyone knew it had happened.

They were right, but not necessarily like they probably expected. (more…)

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Building a Better Reddit, One SubReddit at a Time

RedditNew Feature Offers First Major Improvement to Reddit (possibly ever) and Not a Lot of People Cared (yet)

When Reddit posted information about new features on its blog, the buzz results were ho-hum.  The post itself was bland, starting off with the nonchalant statement, “We added a handful of new features last night.”  There was brief coverage at some quality sources, including Wired (which is owned by the same company as Reddit), ParisLemon, and MarketingPilgrim, and only a handful of blog posts, but for the most part, this short private beta has snuck in while Digg revolts, makes peace, and makes headlines.

Upon a close examination, this may be a huge leap forward that infuses more of a social aspect into Reddit.  For present and future users, it should be the toy that gets played with for a long, long time. (more…)

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More Social News Watch is in the Works

Hello friends.  Several have asked when the Social Media Superstar story is coming.  The answer is: very soon.

We’ve been going through some transitions over here lately.  One of the writers has moved on to bigger and better things, leaving social media to pursue a career in search engine optimization.  No hard feelings, but now we need more writers and contributors.

We started a new blog, one that is not in Digg autobury status.  That did not have anything to do with the decision to start it, but we felt that having two separate venues would allow us to truly focus this blog on social media and let the other blog cover social media, social bookmarking, social networks, and everything social.

Thus, was born.

Changes in my wordload will allow us to spend more time blogging and promoting a couple of social networking projects we’re working on.  That, I guess, is the point of this post.  We’ll be posting some strong stories on here and other places soon, but for now, ANY suggestions on story ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Visit some of the sites we recommend.

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Rose, Adelson Respond to Diggers’ Concerns on TDD

Adelson and RoseDigg founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose spoke to dozens of Digg users through an emergency episode of The Drill Down tonight (part 1 of 2 is live now).  They were asked about the lack of responses to emails, the change in the algorithm, the autobury theory, an open forum, and other topics.

The initial reason for the episode was to discuss a plan of action that users could do to tackle what many view as “negative changes” to Digg as of late.  Rumors of revolt have been spreading across the blogosphere.  Word of the episode got to Rose and Adelson, and after a humorous verification process that included having Rose digg and favorite a story on demand, they were brought into the live broadcast in front of over 100 listeners.  The blogging of the event started quickly.

“We had a two and a half hour digg focus group where we showed everyone for the first time Digg Stories – Suggest,” said Rose.  It won’t be popular stories, but is a possible alternative to the Upcoming section.  Stories will get exposure in a different way – in theory, stories dugg or submitted by other people who seem to like similar stories will be served to us. 

Rose continued by saying, “The upcoming section is flawed.” It will be another way to “expose people to those great stories you are finding.” (more…)

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Who is Tom and how did he get so many MySpace friends?

Tom at MySpaceWhen I told someone that I wrote for a blog that covers social media, social networks, and social bookmarking, their first question was “What’s all that?”  When I told them what it was and gave them examples, the next question made me laugh.

“Who is Tom and how did he get so many MySpace friends?”

With over  220 million friends, Tom Anderson is everyone’s first MySpace friend.  You can read his MySpace Profile or even the entry about him on Wikipedia.  This story isn’t about him, though. (more…)

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Social Niche: How Ning Makes Social Networking More Personal

NingThere has been a trend that has been percolating behind the scenes.  While Facebook and MySpace cultivate their mass presence by making the world accessible to people and people accessible to the world, Ning is bringing laser-precision focus to social networking, allowing the niche aspect of internet interaction to flourish.

While the social networking powerhouses offer limited platforms for people to form groups and interact with like-minded people, Ning has made it their purpose to offer flexibility in their product.  As the self-proclaimed “Home Depot” of social networking, Ning has a do-it-yourself platform (“you can do it, we can help”) that is simple to use and manipulate.  A person can create an account and start a social network geared around whatever they want in a few minutes. (more…)

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How to be a Part-Timer and Still Hit the Front Page

Front PageMost people who submit content to social media websites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx, or Propeller do so because they believe what they are submitting is worthy of making it to the front page where it can be viewed by a gazillion people.  It could be something that interests them from the news.  Perhaps it’s a story they worked exceptionally hard on from their blog.  Maybe it’s a hilarious video they found.

So, new to the world of social media, they submit it and wait for their name to appear in the popular section.  It’s a great story, afterall.  However, in most cases, it does not make the front page.  Undaunted, they try again.  And again.  Eventually they start to look at what hits the front page and they see a discouraging trend — the same names keep popping up, and it isn’t theirs.

What do they do?  They click on a profile.  At Digg, they might click on Suxmonkey, a front page regular.  They scan down to the stats and their eyes pop out of their head.  34,000 Diggs!  Oh ____!  Perhaps they check out Reddit next and click on QGYH2 to see a karma score over 100K.  Moving right along to Propeller, they check the Top Contributors section to find that they’ve all submitted hundreds, even thousands of stories and comments.

If you are one of these people, don’t give up!  You don’t have to spend hours a day, every day, to become a regular to the front page of social media websites.  You simply need a strategy that fits your schedule. (more…)

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