20 reasons why Google Plus is a must [Infographic] Top

It seems like many people have fooled themselves into believing that Google+ is nothing more than a ghost town and perhaps the interactions on this social platform is not as quick as Twitter and Facebook or perhaps you haven’t circled the right people. Either way, Google+ is only going to get better and has already integrated its social platform into all of their other services, this is something we definitely need to watch since Google+ is the first social network to be able to do that as they actually have other successful investments, such as Blogger, Gmail, YouTube and oh yeah, Google Search Engine.

If people actually took the time to explore Google+ you may actually discover that its gaming platform is smoother, they have a terrific photo sharing gallery and they provide hangouts, where you can choose to visually spend time with groups of people, publicly and privately and even share in watching YouTube videos together.

Google has a great chance to fully unit search engine optimization and social media, in fact if you look at search a little closer, you can already see this unfolding, do you really want to be non-existent on a site that may be a little slower on rising but has the potential to change the way we are seen personally and professionally online?

In the following infographic, 20 reasons to switch to Google+, created by Infographic Labs, can help you become acquainted with Google+ by providing 20 reasons why Google Plus is a must!

20 reasons why Google Plus is a must [Infographic]

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  1. Yes, Google Plus is indeed a powerful social networking site for business. I like the hangout feature and the integration of posts with search results. Good piece!!

  2. John S

    Google+ is crap, only nerds and marketing—- bullshitters —- use it.

  3. Lori Gama


    I am confused, I agree some of the reasons as Google+ is helpful for us now a days as Google Instruction Set its own algorithm.

  4. Gama

    Set its own algorithm

  5. Michael

    I can see why G+ would be an escape route for people with FaceBook fatigue. As a non-FB user, why should I care? The benefits to a business user (e.g., how it tangibly supplements LinkedIn) have not been articulated. Perhaps they are non-existent?

  6. Indeed g+ is going to be a big platform for social media sharing. Here you can find the trend of information sharing people rather than web junkie people. It is the podium for marvelous features and high level of user friendliness .
    The only 21 thing i want to share is the g+ intelligentsia that you can’t find on Facebook.

  7. G+ looks like a million bucks on my mobile… but my Mom literally learned how to upload a photo to Facebook last week! No matter how great it is, it’s going to take a lot to make people prefer it over Facebook…. and when your friends and family aren’t there… it doesn’t really matter how cool it is.