15 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users


Update: This article from last year deserves another look, so we’re moving it forward for your enjoyment.

It can be argued that those of us who tweet links to content on the web are the most annoying of Twitter users. That is the “category” that I fit in, so it makes sense that I would exclude my personal type from this list.

Otherwise, there are probably dozens of other types that are just as annoying.  This is, of course, a partial list, but we’ll be expanding the post once more annoying Twitter types come to light. In the meantime, here’s the first 14. Post any that we missed in the comments or tweet at us with your suggestions.

1. The FOREX Spammer

Forex Spammer

With as much money as people are apparently making on FOREX, it’s amazing that they have time to work their Twitter accounts.

2. The Linkjacker


When you post links to stories, you really should make sure that everyone can see what the story says rather than link to your own site and expect people to click through from your site to the source content. Just a thought.



4. The Twitter Gamer


Unlike many, I have nothing against the games on Twitter like SpyMaster, Mafia, Ninja, whatever. I actually play SpyMaster in the background. However, there’s more to Tweeting than posting your last gaming action. For those not in the game, it can get rather mundane if all you post is who you’ve assassinated, what weapons you’ve purchased, and how we can join your clan/family/ring/dojo.

5. The “Get 100 Followers a Day” Spammer


Have you ever noticed that most of the accounts that Tweet about being able to pick up hundreds of Twitter followers per day only have 84 followers?

6. The Celeb Who Has 2 million People Following their 3 Tweets Per Month

Inactive_CelebsI know. Everyone loves Oprah. You can’t say anything bad about her because she is perfection boxed up into human form. Still, what are her 2 million followers doing? She doesn’t talk to any of them. She rarely tweets at all (going on a month of inactivity).  It reminds me of the people who followed Forrest Gump on his runs across the country. They were there, waiting for him to say something magical, and it never came.

7. Porn Spammers

Porn Twitter Spammers

It’s the Internet. Porn is everywhere. Why would anyone go to Twitter to find it? Answer: they don’t.

8. The Repeater Tweeter


These are amongst my favorites. You see them in your stream – the people who have something so important to say that they have to say it over and over again in case you missed it 30 seconds before.

9. The Random Tweeter of the Utterly Mundane


I know Twitter in its purest form is supposed to be somewhat mundane, but some people take it way too far.

10. The MLM Spammer

MLM Spammer

Everyone has to make a living, and because Twitter is about networking it has become a natural fit for the MLM crowd. That doesn’t make it any less annoying.

11. The Quoter of Witty Wisdom


Some of the best quotes I’ve ever seen came from Twitter. I have been known to throw out some of my faves myself. Still, that shouldn’t be ALL that you tweet, should it?

12. The Super-Fan


Everyone idolizes someone whether they admit it or not. I feel bad and somewhat uncomfortable when I see those who are doing anything they can to get a reply from those they idolize. What will they do if they get a response?

13. The Account Named After A Twitter Action


That’s nice. What are you going to Tweet about? “Following @0boy back because he followed me!”,  “Following @soshable back because he followed me, too!”, etc.

14. The Tweeter of the Same Link 500 Different Ways


They have one link they’re pushing. It’s the only thing they will ever tweet about, so if you’re really, really interesting in everything pertaining to that link, please follow these people. You won’t be disappointed.

15. The White Teether


I never knew about this one until @bobf_vstpgh pointed them out to me. Once I did a search, I discovered that there seems to be a growing number of people Tweeting about white teeth! Who would have known?

* * *

I know there are more of them out there. Let me know via comment here, @soshable or @0boy if you know of any other annoying Twitter user types.

* * *

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  1. Brandon Sheley

    Great list, dead on indeed!

  2. Ha! I somehow ended up following all those types.

  3. Half funny, half annoying. The Witty Wisdom guy is the best – at least he tweets variety. (Watch out for White teeth folks – just a new version of MLM.)


  4. julie

    darn-my 1st reply didn’t go thru. here goes again:
    great list – gets just about everything i’ve seen out there … for sure…
    love the ‘repeater tweeter’ for sure… have one of those right now i could name for you in fact 😉
    here are some i have noticed too:
    use the word moon in a tweet? get an auto reply from obi-wan-kenobe telling you that is not a moon it’s a satellite (i think that is what he says anyway…it happened to me once 😉
    use the words oh snap! and get the oh snap! attack robot tweeter retweeting your post
    use anything relating to geek/nerd/etc and geekix will retweet that..
    use the word “wicked” and there is a reply from a New England Bot in the Boston area letting you know your tweet is wicked good or something to that affect!
    i think there are others i’ve seen – but those are the ones that jump to mind instantly for me 🙂

  5. JD Rucker

    @Brandon, @Helen, @Webcastr – Thanks for the comments!

    @julie – Great adds. I’ll get them on the update tomorrow.

  6. as much as we’d like to deny it, there’s a bit of all the above in all of us 😉

    But then, these guys take it to the extreme, which is annoying .

  7. nice on, jd! yes, the reply bots are beyond annoying too….and i think oprah is the biggest bandwagoner ever.

  8. My favorite is the Self Absorbed Wind Bag—Always bragging about his ranking as a top Twitter user, saying things like WOWSA! Look at Me! Then they’ll crack some lame joke & always has to put the obligatory LOL at the end.

    Then there are those Jamokie boys, babbling about some stupid caper…Repeating themselves with the same tired lines…But they’ve got 25,000 followers, so what do I know?

  9. Here’s one you missed: The tweeter who has multiple accounts, all tweeting the same exact tweets, following all the same people. This person often RT’s himself from one account to the other.

  10. Wolfie Rankin

    I follow a guy who posts wisdom, however it’s his own so that’s a different kettle of fish. But yes, I’ve seen all of these and none are being followed back.

  11. What about people that simply repost links to stuff on Mashable, CNN and other popular feeds that they know good and damn well everyone already follows instead of simply retweeting them.

  12. I hate those Jamokie accounts. And just when I think I’ve blocked them all, here comes another one. I’m surprised they don’t get banned for follower churning.

    All those teeth whitener tweets are from RevTwt. Ads on Twitter are just plain annoying. Even if it is a real person and not a spammer.

  13. Wonderful list, but I can’t believe you left out the name droppers. They’re right up there with the MLM link spammers in my opinion. You’ve seen them:
    Sitting with @famousguy and @moviestar -going to head to @a-listguy ‘s house now for some dinner with Brad and Angie.

    And the braggarts:
    Can’t believe I have 1,000 new followers today!
    Had great interview about my fantastic product with hot magazine.
    Another 2,000 followers? Wow!

  14. Here’s my list: Buzz Off! – Annoying Twitterer Types http://schmorgasboard.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/annoying-twitterers/

    Feel free to share them. (Just give credit, please. Thanks.)
    Have a great night.

  15. I have another one to add… People that tweet “sorry I haven’t been posting for the last 3 weeks. i’ve been on holiday”…. like we were all wondering what had happened to him?! I had to call off the police search when I saw that message. Thank God he’s OK.

  16. My pet Twitter these days are the ones that start into the ‘gift’ DM. It brings the most annoying Facebook app to life on Twitter.

  17. Love it! I would like to add the tweeter who tweets about his intent to unfollow people..I don’t care, just unfollow already.. Or those who think because your tweets aren’t filled with either nothing but emptiness or wisdom, that they not only unfollow, but tweet about it as well..
    Great list!

  18. You forgot twitascope, I hate those

  19. Thank you. Great summary of those annoying practices.

  20. But still i read them all. Great post. Should be a warning before you join.

  21. Maggiimoon

    this covers about everyone, so why bother?

  22. What about those apparently auto replies to your tweet that say ‘I’m interested in discussing your views on jaguars’ …and you almost get drawn into a conversation when you check the profile and all their tweets are exactly teh same except for one key word.

  23. Ha! I just got rid of a few of those from my list!

  24. Here’s a good strategy for avoiding these types of Twitter users: don’t automatically follow everybody who follows you. Wow. That was easy. Another tip: keep your friends list under 100. That way you will limit it to people you are actually interested in and be able to actually interact with them in a meaningful way.

  25. How about this one? I just blogged about it not 5 minutes ago. The tweeter posts some garbage tweet and then randomly puts YOUR name along with some other names in it, so it shows up in your @replies. Of course at first, you stupidly go look at their profile, cuz it looks like a compliment. Then, you stop looking at your @replies after awhile, because they’re filled with that instead of conversations.

    I’ll try to post an image of it here.

  26. Trying to post a link to the image instead.

    Great post, by the way! I’m finding the time/value cost/benefit is starting to fail when I apply that kind of thinking to Twitter, and it’s largely due to the Spam, and some of the types of tweeters you’re posting about.

    Lovely @reply spam

  27. I would add people who RT #followfridays where they are mentioned and also people who seem to just list all their followers endlessly for #followfriday. I hate that!


  28. Great list, happy to see I’m a nice mix. Guess that means I’m annoying but flying under the radar!

  29. I have been active on Twitter for about a month now and have already all of these annoying types of Twitter users. How do you control you followers more without locking your account and getting all the notifies about new followers?

  30. I’m getting tired of the “I’ve just sent you a [fill in the blank]. You should send me a gift, too!”

    Which requires me to turn over my Twitter username and password to ???? so I can pick out something to send back.

    Uh, no!

  31. Ted Simon

    Great list. The funniest things are those that ring true, and these types are all too true! I HATE the repetitive self-promoters – the people who keep sending out the same tweet that links to their own blog which is a self-promotion vehicle (nothing wrong with building a personal brand, but there is such a thing as “thou dost protest too much!”).

    Also, there is one exception for #3 – OWEN MEANEY. HE CAN’T HELP HIMSELF. 🙂

  32. Great list! How about the cussers? Is there really any reason to cuss in a professional Tweet? No. I don’t follow cussers. And be very careful of your use of “WTF.” It’s WAY overused. In fact, don’t use that either…

  33. Don’t forget those who use a program to show where they are at all times, does anyone care?

  34. Nice post! It’s this type of Twitter pollution that takes the fun away from the rest of us.

  35. Tim

    I don’t like the bots that keep track of who you are unfollowing like follow monitor. If I unfollow someone its because their tweets usually suck or they are spamming.

  36. Dwyndal

    Awesome list, have several of these in my follow sections need to weed them out.

  37. Houseonahill.org

    HAHA funny, thanks I enjoyed this list. I didn’t read all the comments but to add, I REALLY hate the @hgllesnibiabf accounts that are really listed as “Shelly Ryan” who is really a porn account. She pops up every few weeks as a new @johoibejhrb soon after you block the old one. THAT is SO annoying.

    Thanks for your witty post!

  38. Yes! And what about those annoying yet talented New Wave/Post Punk bands who constantly tweet: Follow this link for a great free mp3: http://tinyurl.com/jamtwg

    Especially when they then infiltrate blog articles identifying Twitter spam types and try the same trick again. *whistles innocently*

  39. Oh, how I hate those porn, one link and white teeth tweets!

  40. These are definitely some annoying Twitter users. #2 is one of my pet peeves!

  41. LOL

    This is hilariously brilliant but what about the “Make Money for Tweeting” schpeal, something has to be done about this..

  42. OMg I just remembered one, if you use 5 in any tweet.. A tweeter willl insult and tell you to shove that 5 where the sun don’t shine..seriously. And it’s in spanish too.. Which is beyond me.

    “nodigascinco@SheilaLilybeth ¿cinco? … ¡Pues por el culo te la hinco!
    2:45 PM Jul 26th from API in reply to SheilaLilybeth”

    roughly translated he’s telling me he’s going to put 5 … in places where 5’s do not belong.

  43. Blanche55

    hahahahahahahaha love it! but you forgot the obnoxious self promoting american celebrity i.e. pdiddy i’ll be on mtv at 5pm,
    Betheny i’m roller blading by the statue in central park. blah blah blah

  44. I started my twitter account to tweet about my articles. Yep, self-promoter. But I also have conversations with those that I follow and post others’ tweets that ask to be RT’d. Is it really THAT bad?

  45. mzzlee

    love it! thank you.

  46. Great list. I won’t follow everyone who follows me, learned the hard way. I made the mistake of following one of those self-promoters/MMO experts until he sent out a tweet to all his followers saying we were lucky to be following him because “I’m smarter and know more about making money than you”. That was enough for me.

  47. Great post, I couldn’t agree more, but wondered where the ads that just SPAM or the magpie accounts simply clogging up the trends are?

  48. Bloody hell! I had no idea people actually tweet those things. Had a good laugh. Brilliant post. Cheers!

  49. hahaha, this is great!
    This is so true, you really nailed several of the quirks we discuss.

    You should add the Twitterer who provides links to content on the web, but there are two of those, at least.
    Some provide value, other’s are simply useless content. Other’s RT without mentioning the RT! Theives

    Don’t forgot about those people who simply requote quotes!

  50. Judy Bryan

    I like to use my “block” especially for the porn follower requests! The other ones of course can get annoying. I must add one though…I’m getting tired of those who tweet questions just to “interact” (i.e. – do you go to church on Sundays?) That question takes care of two types of Twitterers.

  51. You missed out on the keyword-based retweeting bot…!!

  52. Ratu

    Good list although I must admit, I don’t mind 9) The Random Tweeter of the Utterly Mundane and 11) The Quoter of Witty Wisdom, those keep me entertained.

  53. @H0llywoodWh0re

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  54. You are so spot on!

    How about the #followfriday suckups who are just hoping for a #followfriday back? You see their Tweets as: #FF @hiphopdesigns @Jerseymuzik @avmaster @lspearmanii @ArthurJuarez @DaSkalar @stayinkauai @kakiser56 @spikeyleo. Completely useless list of Twitter names.

    Then there’s the TweeterLine spammers with their “Gr8 ppl” and “THESE PEOPLE ARE GREAT” and “kudos” and “mentions to” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). tweeterline.com should be banned as the worst of the worst spamming applications.

  55. That’s hilarious!

    I find those pushy marketing types the most annoying. Don’t mind the occasional “wise words” ones. 🙂

  56. This is such a great list. I laughed all the way through. (“It’s funny because it’s TRUE.”) I’m currently the most annoyed by the person who tweets and retweets and then tweets the same thing again and every two minutes. I’m currently being held hostage by someone who’s been doing this for days now and I. Want. To. Kill. Myself. I don’t have the heart to unfollow as normally this person isn’t like this. So I guess offing myself seems like the best option.

    Everything else on here? Hello, block button. And Oprah may be good at a lot of things, but tweeting clearly isn’t one of them.

  57. Joyce

    What about the opposite of Oprah, i.e. the celebs with apparently too much time on their hands who tweet non-stop? Kirstie Alley, the Kutchers (Mr. & Mrs.) and John Mayer.

  58. Good suggestion Joyce, I am with you on that one. I started to follow a few celbs that I am a fan of but it was very short lived!

  59. Rich

    You forgot one group: children. Youth wasted on the young.

  60. Ana

    Nice list but where are the annoying LOLQuiz and Fun140 twits who tweet 50-100 test results a day?

  61. WetcoastBob


  62. @N2X

    i really would rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy. and im eating activia these days. dont u ever get curious abt what boring stuff are important to others? adventures at walmart can be more interesting than breakfast at tiffanys.

  63. Great post but I’ve got to wonder what you actually enjoy about Twitter? With the majority of posts falling into one of there categories, in your opinion, what is it good for?


  64. Max

    Wheres “The Depressive”… you know the ones that never have anything nice and happy to say and are always full of doom and gloom ? 🙂 or “The Music Fan” who just tweets all day long about the music they are listening to? 🙂

  65. Great article!

    Unfortunately, I don’t fit in to any of these. Maybe I haven’t been tweeting enough, maybe eventually I’ll fall in to one of these categories!

  66. I seem to have adopted two radical solutions that mean I rarely see any of the annoying types of Twitter user listed here:
    1 – I don’t automatically follow back strangers unless I think I’ll be interested in what they are tweeting;
    2 – If I make a mistake I immediately unfollow. Doesn’t happen very often.

    It’s really quite easy and makes Twitter a much more enjoyable and useful experience (for me anyway).

  67. Lolz quite funny,these people think twitter is social networking site for spammers and spammers only.Even when you see the tweets on trending topics,you’ll find half of them are by spammers.Love it when they say “I earned $100000 by just sitting at home”,as if they are gonna give you some of it using twitter.

  68. cannot agree more! I was smiling as I read…..

  69. Caroline Twitter is great for industry news and tips for business. Find your niche in Twitter and follow the people that will provide you with the information that you are interested in. For example, I am interested in new technologies, SEM, social network marketing so I follow the people that provide info on that.

    I’d agree with Ratu about no. 11, those tweets are quite funny but JD Rucker I agree with the other 14. I hate the random mundane tweets the most. Who cares what some nobody is doing, whether they’re having cups of coffee or resting. I don’t know why they see the need to write this rubbish on Twitter. “Elvis Presley was great” and “Vegetables are good for you” – does the person think they are saying something new?! These tweets drive me mad!

  70. @emmathedavis

    I somehow found myself following a mundane tweeting porno cam gal: ‘Im going on wii fit’ ‘time for me to go on wii fit’ ‘im going to eat my dinner’ ‘ive just eaten my dinner’ ‘time for wii fit?’. She must have been naked on that wii fit I guess.

  71. Great post, how about “I completely agree with the person above/below” in response to something that was over 5 minutes ago, thus rendering their tweet irrelevant forever.

  72. DK

    I like a lot of Guy K’s info, but his duplicate tweets/retweets [just to get to his daily max?] and lately the seemingly incessant tweets insisting that everyone build their own MyAlltop page are getting annoying.

  73. DK – I unfollowed @GuyKawasaki when I found out he uses ghost Tweeters and doesn’t read ANY Tweets his followers send. What’s the point of following if your not going to read? Oh, I know, so your followers THINK you’re following them so you can spam them.


    Let’s not forget the info-Tweeter that has great Tweets, but sends out 50+ Tweets a day so they overwhelm your Twitter feed.

  74. Hilarious! I am so surprised you didn’t add the person who doesn’t post ALL day, but at once, they diahrea 20 posts in a row, blocking your entire screen with posts to random people they’re giving a shout out to. It’s called PACING…. learn it or I remove you.

    I also hate the “hi” messages to me from people who have NO connection to me and are simply hoping by them tweeting my name, I will follow them. Without engaging what I’m saying, and absolutely no connection to me whatsooever, especially when I go into your account and notice you saying “hi” to everyone you follow, um, yeah. Get a life!

  75. People who LOL at their own tweets. LOL

  76. MLM, spammers, Guy Kawasaki – put em all in a hat, shake em up, and pull one out – win the same prize every time.

  77. I am so confused…Do I retweet this post and run the risk of being annoying?
    One of the funniests Twitter posts and so true.

  78. Gretchen Doores

    This is a phenomenal list. I’m glad that I’ve managed to avoid being one of the annoying 15, but it’s good to keep these kinds of things in mind – not that I was planning on spamming people or sending links to getting whiter teeth, but still.

    Also, Judy Bryan is absolutely right about the porn tweets: block them. Great post and I loved your run down of why these approaches are so incredibly obnoxious/ineffective.

  79. Let me guess how long Kawasaki lets this post stand.

    As I tweeted yesterday, ‘Guy Kawasaki tweets more than a 16 year-old with a MacBook’. Know what I got? A phone call from the genius himself, blasting me about ‘what do I know about Twitter’. Um, I’m a brand strategist with 22 years in brand strategy and marketing, so sure, what could I know?

    Bottom line of that conversation: Guy Kawasaki is a self-obsessed, volume-tweeter, who is, in reality, perhaps smart but comes off as a total jerk.

    Obv, we don’t follow him anymore.

    But his cell, in case you want it, is: 650-325-2022. Tell him yourself. I know we did.

  80. Let me guess how long Guy Kawasaki lets this post stand.

    As I tweeted yesterday, ‘Guy Kawasaki tweets more than a 16 year-old with a MacBook’. Know what I got? A phone call from the genius himself, blasting me about ‘what do I know about Twitter’. Um, I’m a brand strategist with 22 years in brand strategy and marketing, so sure, what could I know?

    Bottom line of that conversation: Guy Kawasaki is a self-obsessed, volume-tweeter, who is, in reality, perhaps smart but comes off as a total jerk.

    Obv, we don’t follow him anymore.

    But his cell, in case you want it, is: 650-325-2022. Tell him yourself. I know we did.

  81. What about tweets that pimp hilarious websites like http://www.thelintscreen.com
    don’t that just ache your ass…

  82. Great list of Tweeters gone wrong. Still, I don’t know why anyone is bothered by these people. The only way you’ll see their tweets is if you’re following them and the unfollow button is easily accessible. Of course, I sometime think that people get really annoyed are receiving a certain kind of value from them as they probably like the feeling. In fact, that could be another addition to the list — the people who tweet about how upset they are that the pornsters are following them.

  83. omg this is so right on. I’ve been unfollowing alot of these culprints due to lack of patience…

  84. Now I’m afraid to tweet anything. Thanks.
    Thanks a lot.
    ~ @wayne_etc

  85. I disagree, I do use FollowFridays as to give acknowledgement to someone or a group I’ve had a dialogue with throughout the week. Unlike most professionals, I like to use twitter to engage, give acknowledge, and read content. I didn’t embark on this Twitter trip to push a blog, an inalienable opinion, or a business aspect–per say.

  86. flitterby

    The porn I block. The rest of the annoying ones I just don’t follow back. If they want to keep following me fine. Most are hoping everyone is set to auto-follow those who follow you, so they’re hoping to get their follower numbers up that way. Sorry. Not that stupid! Yep. The only way they can annoy you is if you are allowing them to!
    Read their posts before you follow, or unfollow them if you already are and they turn annoying.

  87. Good list, and I’d add those people who feel compelled to tweet every snack, nap, sneeze and bathroom break they have. Mostly though, hubby and I are having fun with twitter. We just “unfollow” anyone who is too annoying.

    It’s a great networking and promotional tool if used wisely. I love getting tweets from other parts of the world — that’s just fun!

  88. In regards to MLM, I try to tweet more about the product benefits than the business side. If people want what the products can do for them, and they get what they want, then they’ll want to share it anyway. And it’s not the only thing I tweet about!

  89. You know what? Social media especially Twitter is becoming the best tool to promote. You get to advertise your site and products for FREE, which is I think why business and marketers are utilizing its capability. Unless the creators do something about it, people will use this to achieve the results they’ve always wanted which is product promotion that leads to more profit.

  90. nikita

    wow…! really a nice post… !! great work..

  91. interesting list. the common factor here seems to be that none of these (generally) is all that annoying in and of itself, IF it is an occasional tweet in a wide variety of tweets. it’s when one’s tweets (of any type) are all similar, all the time, that it truly becomes annoying.

  92. Terrific list. I now realize I must stop bitching about these porn spammers I’m getting, I’ve spent a lot of time blocking them. And I just laughed my ass off, at the Guy K remarks. He is so unfollowed, what a douche! Good, witty read.

  93. asdasd

    Guy Kawasaki is one of those tweeting & retweeting again and again. Annoying.

  94. #16 The Narcissist
    People that ReTweet the Tweets that are ReTweets of their own Tweets.

  95. djdirtydishes

    This list is stupid. If these types of tweeters are so freakin annoying, just UNFOLLOW THEM. Upset I even wasted time readin this mess!

  96. Well said, @Randy Southerland. Can’t help but agree with @djdirtydishes. Unfollow, then block. Simple.

    In fairness to Guy Kawasaki, I’ve discovered a lot of great sites and articles, through the links that he posted on Twitter. If he sometimes promote Alltop, that’s his prerogative, he owns part of that outfit. I’m sure self-promotion is not a thing Guy himself invented or practice in Twitter, all by his lonesome.

  97. Tina Margaloni

    Found an interesting Slide Share presentation that seems to speak to many of these: (not sure if this will work)

    Faces Of TwitterView more presentations from Jordan Julien.

  98. I saw this article on my tweet wall, so I decided to read it. I try to tweet when I can, and I think if you have a reasonable marketing plan then you will not be a spammer to others. Everyone has something they are trying to market to everyone, and since there is so much competition doing this only the smart ones win.

  99. rockhyrax

    I thought it would be polite to at least check out who follows me and maybe follow them back if the seem interesting. Now I end up having to trawl through follow notifications blocking almost every one. (They’re usually porn – quite why they choose my account I’ve got no idea.) And if I don’t keep on top if it, I seem to end up with legions of them within a week (they seem to grow geometrically by following each others’ following lists).
    On top of that, I have to be careful what I tweet, e.g. I reported that I saw a man wearing an extremely ugly brand of boots, and was followed by people trying to flog them!
    So now I have to decide to (a) not tweet publicly, which somewhat defeats the idea of Twitter, (b) not track who follows me, so I’ll miss out on following back the interesting people who do (and they do exist), or (c) give up on Twitter altogether…

  100. This is why Twitter will be dead in the next 6 months to a year. It’s worthless, the spammers are all over the place, and the porn industry has even infested it. It’ll go the way of Myspace in 6 months to a year TOPS.

  101. Heidi

    I find the most annoying ones, the constant weather updates:

    It’s hot and sunny.
    It’s coooold.
    Yay! A thunderstorm.

    …yet I still do it sometimes. I think the people who find it the most annoying are those who live in the same area as me, thus finding it pointing out the obvious. Those who live in other places may just be jealous of the weather I’m having.

  102. There is one missing I think. The one that persistently tweets what they are eating… for literally each and every meal, not even culinary creations, but yoghurt, toast, you name it.

    Oh, it gets worse, with pictures too! Stomach churning if you ask me.

    If you wouldnt do it in real life, dont do it on social media I say!

  103. Twitter gone in 6 months? No way.

    Sure these guys are annoying, but I wouldn’t see a lot of them cause I don’t follow spammers. I have friends that can be annoying, but I don’t want to unfollow them cause they’re friends. But it got me to thinking about what I don’t like on Twitter….That’s when I wrote The 7 People you meet in Twitter Hell. http://joshfahey.squarespace.com/home/2009/7/14/the-7-people-you-meet-in-twitter-hell.html

    And yes, Nicky I agree with the Food Tweeters. That may be number 8.

  104. Travis

    You could add pointless hashtagger

    “I can’t believe #iranelection #Oprah #USOpen @Michael Jackson #Apple #SXSW! Check out my blog: http://www.blog3343.com“

  105. Like the list, glad to see I don’t fall into any of those categories 🙂
    The one thing I am aware of that people may find annoying is that I tweet a lot!

    today however, I’ve tweeted the same tweet several times- because I lost my dog last night & I want as many people as possible to see her picture, just in case they see her & I’ll be able to find her.

    It’s been amazing the support & help I’ve received from people- even as far away as Japan RTing my tweet 🙂
    That’s the power of twitter- the community- the spirit on twitter where so many like to help others out.
    If you join in that spirit, helping people, you’ll receive it back ten fold.
    Gone in 6 months? hardly likely, it’s too valuable & I might add, lots of fun meeting new people & sharing humour.

  106. Cindy

    I have some followers that uses most offensive language all the time. I just block them off.

  107. I have several more:

    ONE . . . the guy who hates people no one else has ever met:

    “J Dub is a freaking douchebag!”

    TWO . . . the rube above who just admitted to spamming Twitter with messages and photos about his lost dog. Maybe jackalopekid has seen him? What the HELL are you thinking?

    THREE . . . the inane question Tweeter who is also channeling Mr. Rogers:

    “I like pie. What kind of pie do you like?”

    Great article. Very entertaining.

  108. Twitter gone in 6 months, a year tops???

    Next you’re going to tell me the internet is a fad? You kiddin’ me?! My guess is you’re not aware of how Twitter is being used to vertically target markets. BTW, this a great article… i love amazing nipples. Hilarious!

  109. Yikes. I’m somehow a hybrid of TWO of these.

    First step to recovery, I guess.

  110. Teresa

    I agree that the constant inane question can be annoying. And it’s not only one person who is guilty of this. Many people do it. One good example is the question:

    Is 140 cramping your style?

    I don’t get why this question is constantly Tweeted? It certainly not cramping their style because it’s a lot less than 140 characters!

  111. Sandra

    The most annoying thing I find on Twitter are people who use the same color for their links as the normal text on their Tweets. There is nothing more annoying.

    It makes no sense whatsoever why people choose to do this. It is so STUPID!!! The links are there for a reason: TO LINK!!! And how can we ‘link’ when we don’t know where the link is?????

  112. The most annoying thing on Twitter are Direct Messages. I’ve got tons of spam. And those stupid “thank you for following” auto DMs. And not to forget all those accounts which use Twitter as RSS. In my opionion Twitter is not a one-direction-communication tool for uninspired marketing people

    Feel free to follow me @nickless and I’d be glad if you’d like to support my latest project A Million Tweets on http://amilliontweets.com

    Thank you

  113. James

    Another inane question that is getting really annoying that so many people are mysteriously Tweeting for some unknown reason:

    “How do you dial a phone with a straitjacket on?” …Talk Radio

  114. lindsay

    ok, I KNOW this is not the thing to say … but seriously, I was using CAPS long before ‘web protocol’ came along … I STILL use them cuz, well, it’s the way I write. Ask ANYONE who knows me. I have a thing about ‘conforming’ just cuz everyone SAYS so, so it’s very unlikely that I will QUIT just cuz the web-centric crowd says so .

    Also, twittering between two accounts to make it LOOK like there is ‘dialogue’ is sort of a ‘cheap look-at-me trick’ and ANNOYING … no?

  115. 4, 5 and I think it was 10 are the most annoying in my book.

    I seem to be getting more game direct messages or @mrrichclark over the past couple of weeks. Stop wasting my time!

    Great post, look forward to seeing it get to over 20 in a month or so

  116. Absolutely correct, these spammers really suck. All the updates that you don’t want gets on your profile page again and again.
    Great post. It’s a great slap on the face of the spammers.

  117. I’ve noticed that the forex and “get 100 followers” spammers are everywhere these days. Even some of the most popular, active Twitter users have one or two of the worst spammers in their following list.

  118. I blogged about 25 behaviours are sure to get you unfollowed on Twitter that adds a few more to your list. http://bit.ly/cTX71 Can’t believe how many white teethers and MLM spammers there are. I believe they will get bored eventually – Twitter has a lot of promise. Thanks for the post.

  119. I’ve been reading all this stuff and jumping from link to link to see what all the hoopla is about. Don’t you all know this social media thing is truly here to stay, at least for awhile till the next big craze, but it’s no different than anything else in life. Make good choices and you will avoid the annoyances. And stay out of trouble. I had some porn gal want to follow me and of course I blocked her. People like that need to follow their own kind. So I guess that’s my twitter peeve. Don’t follow for the sake of the numbers. Follow because you are genuinely interested in what the other person has to offer, with ethics and integrity, so you can grow and learn from the experiences. Do it like God is watching.

  120. Miss M

    LOL at Lindsay – either you’ve sorely misjudged how long the CAPS rule has been established (early to mid nineties if not earlier, when the general public began flooding the internet via newsgroups and AOL
    ) and think you have “dibs” on using caps without being judged, or your desire to not bend or conform is taken to extreme degrees. I think after fifteen years+ you have to accept that yes, when you type in caps it IS shouting. You aren’t a beautiful unique snowflake and the rules don’t change for you just because you want to assert your independent spirit.

  121. Alex Alexander @powertalkalex

    Great post
    I know Follow Friday is popular so I cringe to the unpolpular guy just to be that guy but here goes
    if you’re posting every person who ever followed you or auto DMs you with no knowledge of who they are; then are you really participating in the comunity? I wanna know why this other person is cool to follow like at a party a nice intro like, Hi Joe this is Alex he’s a Dj. Alex Joe owns a radio station. Not so much a peeve just that people who go the extra mile have awesome Tweets with plenty of value. Check out @cragerinc he’s a great tweeter

  122. I think you just covered all tweets I get! OK, all tweets I do. 🙂

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  124. Very annoying twitter users! Nice post, Great work!

  125. Good post. Yes, we are all annoyed by these spammers and it does seem to get worse. Even top Twitter users send the `teeth whitening`or `add to your followers`tweets periodically for the referral fees.

  126. Despite the spammers, Twitter will continue to evolve. Any predictions of any early demise will be countered by the myriad of companies that have found ways to leverage Twitter tool for marketing, communications and even SEO.

  127. Arlen Wood

    I was unhappy when malware & bad apple infected my twitterfeed . Now, that is annoying and really spooky. Twitter fixed the problem, neatly & expeditiously. Much appreciated, thank you!

  128. This is funny, but is it the death of Twitter? No way. Just like a big bar where there are all sorts of characters, you kind of stick with your own. Once you find your space on Twitter and work you tribe well, the annoying noise just becomes funny and laughable. My favorites here are #6 and #12. Nice post.

  129. Liked the article. Loved the comments.

  130. Chris

    haha….wow, all of these i totally saw coming! But, how about the stalkers and creepers? The one’s that think they “know” all

  131. Here’s a tip to avoid annoying people on Twitter: instead of complaining about them in an article, just don’t follow them!

  132. Carl

    People who’ve been tweeting/retweeting ‘Porn’, always will get immediately unfollowed. I do HATE it!

  133. How about the user that uses Blip.fm and tweets 100+ blips a day? My sister does that. pretty damn annoying. I started using Brizzly just so I could mute her. Or the user that hashtags stupid things in an attempt to start a trend? “Nice to see CNN.com readership has #CharlieSheen domestic problems in almost a dead heat with tougher flight screenings – #PrioritiesAnyone?” Seriously unnecessary.

  134. Love it! Great points and, in spite of the humor, you are spot on. And for the commenter who predicts Twitter will be gone in 6 months, perhaps he needs to do his homework a little better. In any forum, especially an online one, there are always morons who try and game the system to suit their own agendas. Fortunately, those of use who know that’s inappropriate mock, block and report them to spam on a regular basis. Great read!!

  135. Michelle

    My pet peeve is celebrities and athletes who whine to their followers to help them get more followers. Particularly when they’ve only been on Twitter a short time and haven’t proven they have anything even remotely interesting to say. It’s like they’re all in a race to be as popular as Ashton and Shaq. Not going to happen unless they’re already insanely popular offline. I wish people who are obsessed with boosting their follower numbers would realize it isn’t about quantity and start appreciating the followers they do have.

  136. You point out a great number of those that frustrate me; your examples and visuals are quite obvious of how not to Tweet. For me, it is all about engaging and balancing… adding personality while not stomping on too many toes. Hopefully, people will take heed and then act accordingly… unless they want to lose their core follower base!

  137. I really agree with Tony who mentioned the users of excessive hashtags. Their tweets become unreadable kind of defeating the purpose.

    My thoughts: most of us are not that trendy. Just tweet your stuff without trying to set trends. That way we can read it, and you never know–your content might set a trend BECAUSE we can read it.

  138. Hm… surprised not to see Foursquare/Gowalla updates on this list. They’re SPAM as far as I’m concerned.

    I really don’t care you’re the mayor of the pizza place down the street or that you’re currently getting your oil changed. If I wanted to know that, wouldn’t I just get on Foursquare/Gowalla & friend you on there? Why do folks have such a need to share this on Twitter? (I used BrightKite briefly, and made sure I turned OFF Twitter notifications.)


  140. you’ve forgotten all the priveleged mommy bloggers. who tweet constantly about the bumps, bruises and whining of their children and husbands. the nanny tweets are the Absolute WORST.

  141. These are examples of the same type of spam that has come to our email inboxes for years. Thankfully we have to actively follow these people to get their spam as opposed to them pushing it down our throats (which means we can actively unfollow too).

    I do disagree with #2. When I have something to say about a link that is more than 140 characters I post it on my Facebook Fan Page which then links to the twitter account. I had a follower (now ex-follower) accuse it of being spammy the first time he saw that. I think of it as linking my thoughts on my fan page to my twitter account. It is not the only thing that gets posted on the twitter account – I am active in many ways on Twitter. We have to be careful what we claim is spam and what is simply a way of connecting our conversations throughout the web.

  142. ralfcis

    Anyone named Lori Moreno, life coach etc who tweet inane comments about love especially, constantly “Never make someone a priority who treat you like an option.” Please take your midol.

  143. Ben

    I love this post. It shows all that I should not be doing. I would love to see examples of what one should be doing instead.

  144. Ben

    Good post, now I want to be positive, where is the post on the 15 good ways to tweet?

  145. What about the moaster. Those moaning yet boasting. “That 6k run is killing me this morn.”

    “Finally got my inbox to zero.”

  146. I did not have high hopes when I clicked the link, but this will go on my list of all time favorite posts. You completely nailed it. I was fully laughing the entire way through! Thank you for taking the time to gather all their um…glory…into one place for us to enjoy!

    Happy New Year!!

  147. unnamed

    Actually the only annoying person is the one that writes up some dull article about something obvious and well known and makes a big thing out of it.

    It’s not interesting. Everyone can see that. And they choose not to blog about it because… well.. it’s just useless and boring.


  148. Leo Sarabia

    Twitter is simple. If you see something that you do not agree with or do not want to read a type of message. Block or unfollow. Life is simple, we choose to make it difficult.

  149. Bottom line from reading all the replies: everyone likes to read only what they tweet, and couldn’t care less about most of what others are tweeting.

  150. I confess, I prefer the notion of becoming an expert on how to do
    more of the positive side of things … AND … I also appreciate
    your creativity and the entertainment value of what your doing.


    Along those lines … I somewhere also discovered
    You get the idea.

    Oh .. AND I am SURE that what I just said and/or did
    is one of the most ANNOYING Types Of Twitter Users
    To At Least A Reasonable Number Of Folks
    And I CAN PROVE IT !!!

    (ps – i hate those … and the !!!!)

  151. My least favorite tweets come from #SXSW and other events (whether it be a marketing/journalism conference via Twitter, etc.) where people are live tweeting absolutely every second. I can appreciate some gems of knowledge from my friends when they go to interesting seminars and whatnot, but it gets to the point where I want to stop following them until the conference is over. STOP OVERWHELMING MY TWITTER ACCOUNT!

  152. LOL… These are really annoying, especially the how to get “100” followers a day ones and the ones that repeat the same line over and over or with 100’s of @ replies with a link in it.

  153. Nico

    To me the most annoying tweeters are those that try to decide how other people should and should not tweet. Enough with the rules and the types and the categories. Follow, or unfollow, the rest isn’t up to you.

  154. That pretty much sums it up. Nice post.

  155. MekQuarrie

    My fave is the ‘one-day enthusiast’. They are usually some hapless politico told by high command in November 2008 to ‘get on Twitter’ as that’s where everything is moving… then one or more important things crop up.
    First (and only) tweet usually goes: “Going to give this tweeting thing a go. Let’s see who’s out there!”

  156. I hate these ‘get 100 followers’ kinda tweets the most. I also agree that most of the ways you mentioned in your post annoyed us, but I do disagree with you on the point of quotes. As you said, you found some of the best quote from these tweets, I love to follow all who post great quotes.

    Bottom line: Why do you follow one who post in such way? You are not forced to follow them and even you are not forced to receive their tweets. So better ignore them, hence they will not annoy you anymore.

  157. LOL this was so funny. I have unintentionally followed more than a few of these. By far the least favorite of these is the random tweeter of the mundane with their: i love ice cream 🙂 …tweets. They remind me of the kid at school who had no friends and you felt sorry for them. So it always bothers me when it’s time to unfollow but if I @ them and they don’t respond and their next tweet is like: pizza is yummy 🙂 …they gots ta go.

  158. How about the RT King or Queen? They RT all the tweets they see in their Twitter stream. RT is ok with some comments but automatic RT’ing is annoying.

    Or there’s this girl who tweets nothing but twitpics of her lunch. Yeah, what about that?

  159. Jeff

    Agreed on all of your classifications, but you should extend the list! You forgot the annoying category of twitter user that insists on tweeting out every few minutes of whatever TV show/movie they happen to be watching.

  160. Twittersluts, repeating nothing but grotesque rap lyrics about their SeXiNeZZ, shoutouts to people that just shouted out to them all copied and re-posted in one tweet, and all with horrible grammatical errors…

    SocMed Gurus: People who ONLY talk about social media on social media. Found a great quote in my network the other day that said “You want to learn about social media? Then learn to be social, the media is irrelevant.” Not comprehensive, of course, but a very nice summary of the heart of what we are all doing, here!

  161. Charlotte Sherman

    I totally agree with your post.

  162. Annoying

  163. Yes! These types of twitter users always get blocked by me. I hope I’m not one of them…

  164. I found myself agreeing with everything on your list. I especially despise the “Get X Number Of Followers A Day” and MLM Twitter users. The best part of Twitter is the fact that you don’t have to follow these people back and if you do happen to follow one of them and start getting spam from them you can always block and report.

  165. How about #16, writers whose Twitter name is the same as their book title. You know, like Michael Goodell tweeting as ZenithRising.

  166. KMB

    If I’m following a “professional” via Twitter, I would like for them to sprinkle in a few personal things. Not just all business. In turn, I don’t care if they are watching “24”. Please DO NOT live tweet on your professional/business Twitter. It’s annoying. Create a separate personal Twitter.

  167. adelaide dancing

    great list, thanks for sharing, i think engaging with people one on one is important and also variety, always doing the same thing and tweeting in the same way can get a bit annoying

  168. Ian

    Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight Schrute on THE OFFICE, is the best celebrity tweeter I’ve found. He posts a variety of tweets about acting projects he’s on, his website, concerns he has about current events like Haiti, jokes he likes, other celebrities, and sometimes thoughts that are just completely zany. He doesn’t tweet constantly but he definitely tweets at least a few times per week. On Twitter he is @rainnwilson so you can see for yourself.

  169. Love this! It sums up my thoughts better then I could have. Thank you.

  170. You rock. Think I’ll go tweet this. #ursoamazing

  171. I constantly unfollow people i feel are annoying, well, i think that is the best thing with twitter. The freedom to choose who to follow.
    According this list and what others are suggesting, it seems everyone is annoying in twitter.

  172. Great list, but I agree with Manish Chauhan regarding Quotes. I follow several Quote sites, and I find them inspiring, entertaining and/or educational. In my opinion, they definitely have a purpose, and a legitimate focus that none of the other sites you mentioned have.

    And I think that if what you do is Tweet Quotes then that’s all I expect from you, except for an occasional thank you to your followers for their RTs, or an encouragement to them to send in their own quotes.

    The great thing about Twitter is that you can always Unfollow anyone that you find annoying!

    I do agree with all of your other examples, though…and I have a pet peeve of my own to add to the list. The Tweeps who follow you who have Private Accounts. How do I know if I want to follow someone back if I can’t see their Twitter page and previous tweets? Fail!

    Thanks for the article, it was a great read! : )

  173. Very Good! I’ll make sure to abide by them.
    Nice to have guidlines.
    I love the “The Random Tweeter of the Utterly Mundane”.
    Very amusing.

  174. Rob

    I have to say that the repeat Tweeter is definitely on my list of annoyances. I saw one with 12 repeat entries the other day…

  175. the crazedmom

    I will admit I am guilty the linkjacker, where I will re-tweet. I am making a better effort to include the individual who originated the tweet.

  176. good points!

    You could also include big ben clock
    or http://twitter.com/bigbenclock
    whats the sense of reading “bong bong” every hours?

    And then there are the ones tweeting about 50 tweets per day, and the tweets often repeat in a few days which is annoying especially for those not using tweetdeck….

  177. Hilarious Post~!!! Thank you!!

    Would like to add people who tweet in short bursts saying not much:

    How are you?
    I’m fine, too, so where do you live? (look at Bio!)
    I’m in ____ just killing time.

    LOL 4 tweets saying nothing – Oh, also, the aggressive suitor:

    Like a construction worker whistling at a girl passing by. What are we to say to that? LOL
    Great post – I’m still laughing! Thank you!
    Anita @ModelSupplies – and my annoying habit is tweeting waaaay too fast & too much in conversations!

  178. I wonder if the newer “Real Time Search” indexing and ranking algorithms will eventually be modified to not only include the number of followers to a Twitter account within the quality score calculations, but to also evaluate the relevance of those followers to the topics indicated by the keyword used in the search query… It seems like every time I look at a follower list for a Twitter account with an impressive number of followers, I am struck by the complete lack of topic or industry relevance to that Twitter account’s primary topic or area of focus. I suppose these types of unrelated followers must come from one of those “Build a Million Followers in Hours” type of Twitter spam, but is that an indicator that those systems actually work?

  179. Nice list of things not to do. I will try to avoid doing these too much. My general idea is to vary my tweets so I can put a few of these out once in a while, but generally keep on topic with interesting info. I think as long as your not blasting people with one sales pitch after another, you can grow a decent following without losing them.

  180. nice list… one more suggestion: Media outlets who automatically and constantly post their stories on Twitter without bothering to customize the tweet to actually fit into the 140-character space

  181. Elivan Usque

    Yesterday I BLOCKED a guy who used a below the salt tactic to get people to his site. He was a struggling musician with 59,000 Following and the same number of Followers which was quite decent of him.

    What got to me was the fact his headline read: NASA discovers another planet.

    There I went and clicked and I got a Youtube video. Then I said to him: Are you sure this is the right link? Or are you misleading people to your site? He blatantly said Yes, I am. I then replied: That´s not on. For that you´ll get a BLOCK.

  182. I’ve come across all of those tweets… and would like to add the #hashtag #abuser who #peppers their #tweets with a #random #hashtag every word or two. Highly obnoxious. #unfollow.

  183. I’m seeing people with lack of twitiquette; most non social types based on their chronic complaining tweets directly at people they have never met. Perhaps psychos or twits? They become blocked and I’m sure their chitter chatter will show on a nice google query by their potential employer 🙂

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  187. Nutti80

    Great blog! What annoys me is when someone grears everyone on their follow list in the morning and evening. A simple and general good morning and good night works just as well…unfollow!

  188. My least favorites are the ones that put BLAOW, POW, or BOOM at the end of their tweets like what they tweeted was so mind blowing and amazing. Save that for “just created the cure for _______” tweet.

  189. Add this one: People who tell you the “right” way to use Twitter.

  190. 5, 9 and 14 are the worst. And stupid celebrities.

  191. Renee

    Another one: Machine gun tweeters that fill up your timeline with countless tweets.

  192. How could you leave off the Quoter? Not someone who throws in a quote every now and then, but the people that have automated quote after quote! (with the occasional link to their SEO website).

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  194. Great blog – enjoyed reading it. And who knew there were so many people going on about white teeth?! (Have linked to it from my own blog looking for Twitter tips – hope that’s okay.) Have a great weekend!

  195. So very true and yet so many people (or probably just bots) on Twitter are guilty of this, glad I’m not; I’m interesting, witty, great and downright perfect (ahem..)
    Nice article.

  196. gent

    Ok, you mentioned most of Twitterers, now no space for the good ones!

  197. Dang! This is a lol article & too true!

  198. Good fun post. thanks for updating. We all need a reminder now and then.

    But IMO these examples aren’t twitter users, they’re twitter abusers.
    (Except maybe celebrities who don’t engage, they’re busy people, right?)

    I do admit to RT the occasional peacequotes. Nice antidote to all the pain and suffering.

    Linkjackers, MLM , 100 followers and same link 500 ways are the ones I dislike most. BLOCK and report for spam usually works.

    As for the rest, haven’t come across them. Hmmm, maybe I’m following the wrong crowd?

  199. Angela

    This is hilarious and very accurate. I think it’s best to keep your page on private to avoid the spammers although I’ve had them attack me before or request me while my page was on private. My least favorite are the porn spammers, take that back to Myspace!

  200. Very accurate and funny. Glad to say I don’t belong to any of those categories. And my least favorite is No.12 —The Super-Fans: I feel bad and embarassed for them.

  201. I’d say it’s the ones that have anything to do with the Trump Network, whatever the heck that is.

  202. Great list! I think it will be relevant as long as Twitter exists.

  203. I have three more:

    a) “The Overlong twitters, that simply don’t understand that a tweet has 140 characters and not more, but they simply can’… http://bit.ly/XXX ”
    Hey – If you cant tweet it in 140 chars, then don’t tweet it!

    b) The RSSuckers, who copy & paste their RSS Reader once a day into their socialoomph account and have it repeat all day. They live off the intellectual property of others blog authors and don’t even read that stuff. Sample: http://twitter.com/mrpaladin/

    c) The the little #FFockers – they will #FF you and then unfollow you 15 minust later back. WTF?

  204. As I am fairly new to Twitter, Tweeter, whatever, I am glad I read this article so hopefully we stay within the ‘normal’ realms of Twitter usage!! Love it, very funny, please keep us off the list!

  205. Ian

    This is very true! The worst part is these people think this is the way to get people to be interested in you. If you are looking for a following, share something of value and be relevant in your area.

  206. Love this list! I’ve had a couple in the last two days that fall into another category: You Tweeted About a Keyword So if I @ You with a Link to My Site and Mention that Word You Will Click My Junk.

    And of course, for me that keyword was completely random or it had another meaning the way I used it in context or I was making fun of it.

    Way to engage, spammer.


  207. This is hilarious. The category I think you might need to add is the chronic listers – those who entice readers to websites and blogs with ” 3 ways to ….”,” 5 tips for…” “10 top strategies for…” etc. These lists are frequently nothing more than a marketing tool leading to shallow or irrelevant content.

  208. hmm

    How about the people who complain all the fucking time? That’s like 80% of twitter users…fuck twitter.

  209. hmm

    or those people who go, “This guy on the bus is listening to his earphones so loud, someone should go tell him to stfu!” Hello fuckin idiot, how about instead of telling people who probably don’t give a fuck or even know where you are, you should do it yourself!

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  219. November Rain Nightrain Girl

    I’m a fan of these quote pages like http://twitter.com/#!/comedyortruth but I hate having to put up with messages every day like, ‘If you’re single, going through a breakup or deeply in love, I suggest you follow [page]’ or ‘I will follow anyone who follows [page]’. They keep retweeting the messages and it’s so annoying!

  220. Unwicpamila

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  221. ms.kutieshelly

    i would say that the most annoying of tweeters would be the ones that tweet the same thing over and over again… take my advice never add a tweeter with the name of TeamBellaATfans! she writes her tweets at least 5 times over and over again…. so friken annoying! anways this article was very accurite and entertaining!

  222. ??????? ???? ?????????? ? ???? ????????? ??????????? ???????? ? ?????? ??????,
    ????????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????????????? ????????????? ?
    ????????, ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? “??????” ??????, ??????? ?????????? ???,
    ??? ????????/?????? ?????? ?????????? ????????.
    ???? ? ????? ???????? ????? ????????? ? ?????? “??????” ?? ??? ?? ?????
    ???? ???-?? ?????? ? ????….
    ??? ??????? ????????? ?? ?????? ?? – ??? ??? ??
    ????????? ???????? ?????? ?? ??????????.

  223. Noted. 🙂 (I’m guilty of #14) Thanks for the list, it was fun to read–and true!

  224. You forgot the evangelical spammer who tweets bible quotes. Surefire way to get me to unfollow.

  225. YoniMayeri

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